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Rafton Family Lawyers is a specialist family law practice dealing in family and divorce related cases. With a team of highly qualified and experienced family & divorce lawyers, we are able to offer the full range of family law services, from property settlements to children’s issues, family dispute resolution, mediation and Court representation, and we take pride in our professional, friendly and down-to- earth approach.


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Ridwan Hassim

I self litigated for close to two years, I was represented by 3 different law firms over a 10 year period with all my Family Court matters and I had reached the end, thought that I had to walk way from both of my Daughters life. I was in utter despair. I was ready to walk away, facing doom in the horizon, when I came across Rafton Family Lawyers on a google search like this. The team of Kate Rafton, Menaka Prasad, Jami Gardiner, Jackie Stewart, Jo Scott were extremely generous and giving with their efforts to help me with my child family matter. I rang constantly, changed my appointments endlessly, there was never a single compliant, only understanding, patience and kindness towards me. I could never have met the compliance deadlines set for my final orders and my final trial affidavit without Kate, Menaka and Jaimi's help. Menaka was extremely helpful, she put in extraordinary hours beyond her caseload, even working after hours to ensure that my Affidavit and that of both my Parents were completed to the compliance deadline. Menaka was very polite, extremely accomodating, explained the matter wth insight and thought and clarity. This was mirrored by Kate and Jaimi and I have come to understand that this is part of the brand, this is who Rafton Family lawyers are, they are the 'family when you don't have family, they are the family that care, the family that are there for you'. This is the best law firm that I have ever dealt with. Before signing with Rafton Family Lawyers to represent me, I had given up on my faith in lawyers, felt that they were all about the money. I was wrong. These are lawyers with a conscience. I can not praise Rafton Family Lawyers high enough. I highly recommend Menaka and Kate who are extremely experienced, very professional, non judgemental and make you feel like they are your best friend, that you are 'family'. Jami is the best friend that you need to help you create the positive mindset to take on the battle that is family law. In the field of family law which is slow, bitter and twisted and is heart shattering, Rafton Family Lawyers are a refreshing experience. Menaka not only helped me meet my deadline, she re-instilled my faith in humanity when I had reached utter despair. There was no judgement, only care and support. I am so glad that I approached Rafton Family Lawyers. I encourage you to make contact with Rafton Family Lawyers for your family law matter. This is the family you need when there is no family. Family is an Indestructible Bond. Family are there for you no matter what transpires, family are there for you in your greatest darkness, family are there to support you, family are there to help see you succeed, family care about you, family are the rock. Rafton Family Lawyers are The Family that you need with your law matter when there is no family. They are the Family. This is my experience with Rafton Family Lawyers. Thank you Rafton Family Lawyers. You are Family. God Bless!

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Jennah Leezak

Rafton are absolutely amazing,you are treated like family with love and care and they fight as hard as humanly possible for you. I have been given nothing but kindness and understanding and it feels more like family then a solicitor. I cannot recommend them enough.They have relived so much stress and anxiety and are no doubt on your side.Their professionalism cannot be beat but also treat you with great respect.

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Luke Mcculloch

Great solicitors verry helpful

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Steve Archer

These lawyers are a joke! they know nothing about parental values and they lack an understanding of a childs well-being. waste of time and money

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serena ann

Don't go to them if its involving FACS horrible solicitors don't help at all, don't have parents intentions



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