Red Piranha - Crystal Eye UTM

Red Piranha - Crystal Eye UTM

Information and communication technology

125 Saint Georges Terrace, Perth, WA 6000

ABN 63160631505
EST 2015


Offers next-generation firewall and cybersecurity services to SMB and enterprise, enables MSP's to augment their service portfolio transforming them into MSSP's. With an umbrella of security products and services that delivers unprecedented transparency of security posture and compliance within any organisation.

In 2015, we integrated the threat intelligence platform into the development of the Crystal Eye Unified Threat Management systems – a custom suite of software solutions that can be implemented on Red Piranha hardware or on a cloud-based platform. We also manufacture our own made-to-order hardware for the Crystal Eye product range, ensuring top-tier technology and strict quality control.

The result? A complex ecosystem of threat management tools that ensures total protection – from prevention and detection to advanced threat intelligence.