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We believe that the concept of Christian Mental Wellness will provide a new way of thinking about the integration of traditional and mainstream therapies and medical strategies with faith, scripture and Christ-centred healing.Our hope is to provide scriptural support, thoughtful articles that discuss mental health from a Christian perspective and resources to help you move forward in your own journey.

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Stop Making Excuses

Stop Making Excuses

I'm full of them...excuses, that is. I have medals for procrastination lining my virtual walls... read more

My Story: Learning to Get Over Myself and Wake Up to The Opportunities Ahead

My Story: Learning to Get Over Myself and Wake Up to The Opportunities Ahead

I never really thought of myself as a business woman. It didn't really occur to me that I was... read more

7 Steps to Managing a Work-Free Weekend

7 Steps to Managing a Work-Free Weekend

What are your weekends like? Are they filled with fluffy clouds, pool splashing friends and family... read more


Miriam Miles answered a question

January Discussion | What motivates YOU?

What motivates me is having a 'why' for what I am spending my time and energy on. Without this I lose track and get easily distracted. It can also impact my desire to be involved in a project,so it really is the core of everything I do.But I think...

Miriam Miles answered a question

How do you drive traffic to your website?

Hi Lina, great question. I have spent the past two years learning how to engage with people online and the bottom line is that if you can incorporate social media into your marketing plan, you will find those people who are looking for you. In the...

Miriam Miles answered a question

What is your biggest business goal for 2016?

Great question Jeff. I've spent the past few weeks mind mapping, asking myself loaded questions and doing a lot of thinking. I've come to an impasse with the services I've been offering and feel a sense that it's time to shift gears.With that said,...

Miriam Miles answered a question

What are some issues smaller businesses have with trying to reach potential customers?

Many small businesses struggle with gaining valuable exposure. Many begin with a small circle of friends and contacts who are happy to support their fledgeling efforts when starting their business but when the work is done, the contacts can run dry....

Miriam Miles answered a question

How important is client feedback and follow up for small to medium businesses?

I think that client feedback is vital to small to medium business - the problem is managing to acquire the feedback in the first place! The most important types of feedback for me are:Testimonials - these are like gold and can be used all over your...

Miriam Miles answered a question

How and where do you get leads?

As a fairly new business owner I have been finding that word of mouth is my best resource for new clients. I've received better feedback from people who meet and speak with me and am coming to terms with this being my most viable way to connect with...

Miriam Miles answered a question

What did you do to market yourself and your business?

When I was just starting out I was totally clueless and used internet searches to find work. Unfortunately, this meant that the freelancing websites I joined were mostly content mills (which took me a few months to really understand!) and the work...

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Business Wilderness

At the age of 19, Ahmad Elhawli failed at marketing his business. Like thousands of entrepreneurs, he spent money on digital marketing that didn’t produce results or turn a profit. Then he smartened up, dedicated himself to mastering digital marketing and completing a marketing Bachelors's and...

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