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I help business owners to grow their business (and themselves!) in 3 simple steps. GUARANTEED.

I help you to get:
> Out of your own way
> Working on your business not just in it
> Executing and actioning.

And doing what you need to grow your business.

People and businesses grow and improve through coaching, training, environment & mindset.
It’s how the best of the best, whatever field that might be (business, sport, music, science) get to be the best.
And the best of the best have a unique understanding, they know that this needs to be repeated and re-inforced over and over again.

I carefully curate and filter all of the content to be relative, practical, actionable and results driven - for you and your business!

ZERO in on what needs to be done - DOING
REVERSE the situation - BEING

Let's chat, it doesn't cost to talk.

Don't think about it, REthink it.

Current Offers

Business Performance Coaching
Business Coaching

Business Performance Coaching  

A good coach encourages, supports, applauds & empathizes but most importantly helps to keep you accountable.

I work with clients to develop their business and themselves to the highest potential.  

Project cost from $1

Training & Development


Tailored training programs for teams or one-to-one.

Accelerated Learning principles are implemented in all training sessions as the most proven and effective methodology to retain knowledge and execute.  

Project cost from $1

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Why should a customer hire your business over other service professionals?

Because if they REthink it, it's obvious.

Which geographical areas does your business service?

I work nationally and internationally.

What is the profile of your ideal customer? e.g. industry, size of business, revenue, number of employees and so on.

My best fit is in the SMB/SME space, I work best with the owner, the boss, the decision maker.

What are your customers` most frequently asked questions?

Can it really be that simple? Yes.

How do you normally charge for your services?

Each program we run, coaching, training or consulting is specifically tailored.


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Julia Ewert

Julia Ewert Greg Rogers has a knack for helping ascertain the right strategy and direction for your business. Before I was connected with Greg, I was caught up "doing the work" and unable to see where my business was heading. I was time poor, stretched to the maximum and not leveraging my strengths. After (and continually) working with Greg, it became clear where I am heading and I have actionable steps which will help me to realise my business potential. If you want to work with someone experienced, strategic, practical and results-accountable, then Greg is the right person for you.

Popular Q&A

Greg Rogers answered a question

How do I create balance in running a business and having a life?

The first thing to do is to ahve a clear picture/understanding in your own mind of what that actually is.What does it look like, the balance. What would you be doing, how would you be feeling?The more tangible you can make it, the easier it will be...

Greg Rogers answered a question

How can I manage the mental and emotional load of running a business?

The very first step.STOP.Stop looking at what everyone else is doing, they are not you, and not your business.Revisit your strategy (gotta have one) for our short term and longer term goals for your business.Are the tactics and actions that you are...

Greg Rogers answered a question

Should you use a template for business planning, or is it just too complex to do with a template?

Hi Jennifer,I call that a 'google search question' simply by changing the wording slightly you can get whatever answer you need!There are plenty that say the busines plan is one of, if not the most important document in business. Others will...

Greg Rogers answered a question

How much does a small business coach or online business coach cost in Australia?

Great question. The short answer and not being flippant is, how can they afford not to!Anything that you get better at, increase a skill, achieve a higher level of success comes from some form of 'training/practice and coaching'. Sport,...

Greg Rogers answered a question

Are group buying sites beneficial for businesses or new brands?

Good responses from Jef.For me the single biggest challenge with this is, congruency.You do the deal.Are you going to attract from your niche?Are you simply cutting margin and setting a price point mentality.Are you sacrificing quality of...

Greg Rogers answered a question

What are the apps that have boosted your productivity?

Hi Yee,Great question and perfect timing, I am actually in between sessions of a workshop on that exact thing.How to boost your productivity in 7 simple appsI have approached it from the point of view that most SME's have to juggle numerous...

Greg Rogers answered a question

What's the biggest mistake you did when expanding a business?

The single biggest is a bit of a 'how long is a piece of string', however what can be answered easily is, what's the ONE thing to be totally focused on, if not, that's where the BIG mistake will be.It is ONE thing but it revolves around a number of...

Greg Rogers answered a question

What would be one thing that would help you increase your sales?

Hi Selena,One thing? Cos there are many, many things.But just one?Define it.Define it and you will be able to identify the ONE THING that will work best."Increase your sales" is equivalent to using a map but without knowing what the destination is....

Greg Rogers answered a question

What book that you read gave biggest impact to your business?

Can I bend the rules a little?"What has been the one book that gave the biggest impact to you, and ultimately, your business?"That to me sounds like...the one book that impacted you and the one book that impacted your business.Cos as the business...

Greg Rogers answered a question

How do you test your business idea to know it's good?

'Success leaves clues'Hi Aishah,My two cents worth.Googling is a 50/50 bet on anything. Pick something obscure as you want and you will be able to find data on Google that supports both sides.Plus, is Google your ideal customer, your avatar? If not,...

Greg Rogers answered a question

How do you prefer to receive feedback and/or recognition for your work?

Hi Jef,I see that your a regular contributor to the site, I would like to acknowledge that. Without regular contributors like you the whole concept kinda doesnt work as well!Is that reinforcing for you? If it is the likelihood of you increasing the...

Greg Rogers answered a question

What are best employee retention ways for food service business?

Hi Nathan,Ask them, have a conversation with them!It will be as different and as individual as they are.Don't fall into the trap of thinking that you can apply a blanket approach. People and their behaviour are reinforced and rewarded in different...

Greg Rogers answered a question

How can I make my meetings more effective?

Hi Sarah,I'm on a role today and loving communicating with fellow Savvy SME members.All sound advice that you have received, I would pare it back even more.The FIRST step to having an effective meeting is knowing (in detail) the outcome/s from the...

Greg Rogers answered a question

How do I increase turnover?

Hi Paulette,Having owned and operated a restaurant myself I can certainly identify with your problem.The previous replies are good ones and should be looked into, the biggest challenge in providing any feedback though is the lack of detailed...

Greg Rogers answered a question

Any advice on how to get more customers in my cafe?

Always a $64k question in business.I agree with Steve that without a little more information it is a little hard to give some real concrete advice, and I would reiterate the comment about whatever you do make sure you measure it!If you are looking...

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