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Rose Hannah Furniture is Western Australia’s leading supplier of solid timber furniture selling Dining, Bedding Furniture ranges in Marri, Jarrah, Buffet, wooden chairs, Chestnut and many more timbers at the most affordable prices in Perth.


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Peter Horlatsch

Rose Hannah used to be a a West Australian manufacturer for quality furniture. Some years ago, I purchased a table from The General Store and after about 12 years, the table top needs a little maintenance. The obvious choice for me was to contact Rose Hannah and get the table top re-finished and bring it back to new. Well, have things changed with Rose Hannah furniture. It just a name only, gone are the craftsman quality using Western Australia hardwoods. They are now Global Wholesalers. Only interested in selling cheap stuff wholesale and if you want your table re-finished....go elsewhere according to them. What a shame that this branded product has become a name only.

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Sign Square

reliable furniture store with great customer service and always nice work

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Shern Nguyen

wide range of collection mainly for Jarrah furniture and Marri Furniture.. Well Done.

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Perth Impress Office Furniture

best collection and store for Marri and Jarrah furniture collection

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Divas Brow

Well collection huge range of furniture New Design Low Price



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