Sacred Union by the Soul Alchemist

Sacred Union by the Soul Alchemist

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If you're ready to connect with your partner on the deepest soul level, I will create the perfect marriage ceremony for you in the most sacred way.

The union of marriage goes well beyond life and death. It's about twin souls coming together in their uniqueness, their spirituality. It's not about having a big party. It's about the soulful connection that will endure through thick and thin.

A wedding day is important because it calls upon the ancestors and Gods, spirits and angels, and the universe as a whole to bear witness to the soul commitment that is unfolding. The truth is, once you commit on the soul level, the earthly part becomes easier. Not easy, but easier.

As a celebrant, I bring a heartfelt, yet humorous, dynamic yet soothing presence. Some people say they can sense angels around me! Organising a wedding can be challenging. I am the calm in the eye of the storm.


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