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SavvySME® is a community marketplace for local businesses to discover and hire service providers, whilst enjoying the power of a community for personalised tips and expert advice on everyday challenges. Whether it's for accounting, marketing, technology or other business services, the powerful social platform connects its community members to a vast network of industry experts and service providers, both locally and abroad.


Phil Khor

Phil Khor Founder

Yee Trinh

Yee Trinh Co-founder

Aishah Mustapha

Aishah Mustapha Content Marketer

Duchesa Mae Llanos

Duchesa Mae Llanos SME Community Executive

Adrian Philip Miciano

Adrian Philip Miciano SME Community Executive

Grace Macatangay

Grace Macatangay Influencer Relationship Manager

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Anthony Khoury

Owner at Guerrilla Solutions Australia

Savvy SME is an outstanding site for anyone in business whether you are a start up or mature business. In 2003 when I started online marketing, it was trial and error. There was no one to help or guide you. It was trial and error plus thousands of dollars wasted. On this website, you have a plethora of information and experts that you will not find anywhere else. I highly recommend this site to anyone who wants to succeed in small business.

Henrik Larsen

Director at IePlus Pty Ltd

I have found Savvysme to be the site I turn to when I need help with a lot of my business related questions be it help with the dark arts of SEO, advise on creating landing pages or the boring legal stuff.. There is always a fellow "SME'er" that has a good answer or a helpful hint.. And the best thing... No question is ever stupid in this forum!!

Peter Montgomery

Owner at The Peter Montgomery Show

SavvySME is an incredible network of Australian business owners dedicated to freely sharing their knowledge, information and expertise. It's a great place to connect, network with and find business partners.

SavvySME is tops!

Eric Phuah

Owner at Hystericalz Pty Ltd

SavvySME is a great central place to gather entrepreneurs such as myself and small to medium businesses. The community is friendly and helpful and I have learned a lot from the articles and Q&A's. There is a lot of potential for businesses and individuals to get what they are looking for as members increase.



How to Take a Product to Asia

Have a client that has a product that is being used by major metropolitan cities (B2B) and wants to break into the Asian markets. The competition is fairly stiff with everyday household brands you would recognize. What's your suggested route of...

Asked by Justin Bilyj





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