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Henrik Larsen

Henrik Larsen I have found Savvysme to be the site I turn to when I need help with a lot of my business related questions be it help with the dark arts of SEO, advise on creating landing pages or the boring legal stuff.. There is always a fellow "SME'er" that has a good answer or a helpful hint.. And the best thing... No question is ever stupid in this forum!!

Peter Montgomery

Peter Montgomery SavvySME is an incredible network of Australian business owners dedicated to freely sharing their knowledge, information and expertise. It's a great place to connect, network with and find business partners. SavvySME is tops!

Eric Phuah

Eric Phuah SavvySME is a great central place to gather entrepreneurs such as myself and small to medium businesses. The community is friendly and helpful and I have learned a lot from the articles and Q&A's. There is a lot of potential for businesses and individuals to get what they are looking for as members increase.


Make every moment memorable

Make every moment memorable

  Have you ever wondered why certain businesses or teams tend to be more dynamic than others?... read more

The 6 pack abs you need to succeed in your business and career

The 6 pack abs you need to succeed in your business and career

Everything is about branding today. Whether you are in the corporate world, whether you are an... read more

What did you learn about your business in 2012?

What did you learn about your business in 2012?

  Learning is an integral part of business growth. Yet as business owners, we’re often so wrapped... read more

Challenge yourself to blog

Challenge yourself to blog

Our January Blogging Challenge is well and truly here, so if you're up for it, let's get... read more

Are you all bitter and twittered? You're not alone.

Are you all bitter and twittered? You're not alone.

Twitter is touted by many as a great business tool, but if you're still grappling with the concept,... read more

Why thought leadership matters

Why thought leadership matters

We know that content marketing is critical to online marketing, I guess that’s why some of us... read more

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Aishah Mustapha answered a question

How would drone delivery help your small business, if at all?

I think yes, absolutely – if the price point is right. It’s handy for small businesses with small packages. For bigger packages, maybe we can expect driverless cars to deliver in the future? But, of course, we need to look at issues...

Aishah Mustapha answered a question

What do bankrupt Aussie retailers such as Masters and Dick Smith have in common?

I think it comes down to two things:1.       No point of difference or unique selling proposition (USP)2.       High overhead costs either from rapid expansion or poor financial...

Aishah Mustapha answered a question

Who can I get in touch with about advertising?

Hi Ramit! Advertising is broad, and I'm not sure which type you are looking for: online, print, tv or radio. Can you clarify?Otherwise, your best bet would be to contact an advertising agency. They would be able to cater for all types of ads....

Yee Trinh answered a question

Whats the best method when advertising via Instagram?

When it comes to restaurants/cafe, I feel that nothing is more effective as word of mouth. You would visit a coffee store because people rave about it. I'd definitely recommend looking at influencers for Instagram. You don't have to get...

Aishah Mustapha answered a question

Business names between AUS & NZ?

As far as I know, there aren't any shared registries. You can register and use that name in Australia, but you will run into problems if you decide to expand into NZ. That's why some big corporations have different names in different...

Aishah Mustapha answered a question

What have you found to be the best strategy for Twitter advertising?

It depends on what you use Twitter for, whether for branding purposes or to update your customers on discounts, promos, etc.With Twitter ads, visuals tend to do really well. Try to convey your message with a video, image, animated gif instead...

Mary Grace Macatangay answered a question

Does Anyone Know How Much Exactly TV Advertising Costs?

Wendy gave a nice and full info about how much does a tv advertising cost. In fact it's varies. The costs of advertising on TV depends on the time and day choosen by you. Thanks Wendy for the nice detailed info. :)

Aishah Mustapha answered a question

How much do Facebook ads cost?

Yes, I agree with Paula. Boosting post is great if you are a brand that’s well-established, ppl or fans will tend to click on your content. Small business? Not quite, because there’s a big deluge of content out there, it’s...

Mary Grace Macatangay answered a question

How much does SEO cost in Australia?

Hi Maria! It really depends on who you’re trusting with your SEO. There is no such thing as a general SEO cost in Australia. You can get cheap services with really no big results - for what it’s worth, that’s expected.But if you...

Duchesa Mae answered a question

Which email marketing service is the best?

Hi Matthew, Email marketing is very important for pretty much any business out there. Ours isn't an exception. Which is why it's even more important to find out what's the cost of email marketing in relation to your ROI is.Some of my...

Duchesa Mae answered a question

What are fantastic giveaway ideas?

Hello James,There are quite a lot of great giveaways but this depends on the need. For example, If you are looking for corporate giveaways in bulk, Personalized Office supplies are really great. If you are looking for something to giveaway for a...

Yee Trinh answered a question

What's your best advice for those starting a business for the first time?

Not sure if it's my "best" advice, but I'd definitely say one of them is just to get started already! The sooner you start, the sooner you fail and the closer you are to success. 

Phil Khor answered a question

What's the best marketing campaign that you've seen?

Great question! I'm always fascinated by Unilever's series of 'Real Beauty' campaign for Dove. I think Dove’s campaign went viral because it resonated with people's general realisation that female beauty as...

Phil Khor answered a question

What's the one motivational or inspiring quote that you live by as an entrepreneur or business owner?

It always seems impossible until it is done.I think it was by Nelson Mandela.

Aishah Mustapha answered a question

How much does a bookkeeper who's also a BAS agent charge or cost per hour?

A lot of bookkeepers offer a package nowadays. Eg: a starter package for new businesses or businesses who want to establish a new accounting software. They will install, configure, transfer your books and get everything up and running including...

Maria Harutyunyan answered a question

What are the best ways to effectively create content and reach your audience?

The trend stays the same throughout the years: find where your target audience "hangs out" and chase them there. After you find out where it is they spend the majority of their time on the internet, it's easier to then understand what...

Yee Trinh answered a question

How can you stop your staff from making careless errors?

Hey Andrea! :DAgree with all 3 responses. 100% behind Louise's point on processes. With any business, we should focus on creating processes and systems because fact of the matter is that until such time that we have those in place, us as...

Mel Savvy answered a question

What Are The Steps To Integrate RR Email With Motorola Droid?

Hey Rachel,You can try these steps to set it up on your Motorola:1. Connect to WiFi (not 3G or 4G)2. Tap on 'Apps'3. Tap on 'Settings'4. Under 'Accounts', tap on 'Add Account'5. Tap on 'Email'6. Enter your email7. Enter your password8. Tap on...

Yee Trinh answered a question

How to Take a Product to Asia

@Greg Vekar Do you have some thoughts on this?

Yee Trinh answered a question

For a small business, is Facebook worth the time and effort?

For most businesses, it's worth the time and effort if backed up with a solid plan and purpose. Know whether you're using it to connect with existing customers, grow brand awareness or convert into leads. Then do your research, plan accordingly,...

Yee Trinh answered a question

Where can I find angel investors?

Great to have you on board Greg. I think you are far from funding stage, of any sort. With simply a business idea. You don't need a lot of money, if any, to do some initial mockups or tests to assess results and viability of your business idea....

Yee Trinh answered a question

How much would you pay to receive a 12 month marketing plan?

It would really depend on what results the marketing plan would be able to deliver. If it can generate x number of clients or leads, x increase in traffic, x% increase in profit... From the client's point of view, it's all about ROI. They might be...

Phil Khor answered a question

What are the best kept secrets of successful business people?

I reckon it's grit, some people have it, others don't. Grit is a personality trait of passion and perseverance for very long-term goals. I wrote about it here...

Ananda Raj Pandey answered a question

How do I deal with competition in a small market?

You need to build loyalty Melissa. That is key to the cafe business. You can gimmick all you like but the most successful cafes out there have amazing people behind them who live and breathe this world. They're infectious! You can tell they're...

Yee Trinh answered a question

Is there an advantage to email over other online marketing channels?

Email marketing is MASSIVELY powerful and in my opinion, perhaps more powerful than other online marketing techniques. Email marketing allows you to tailor messages to different customers based on the actions they take and their stage in the...

Yee Trinh answered a question

Brand strategy for a sole trader?

Just because you operate as a sole trader, does not mean you need to be the face or brand of the business. It really depends on the business. There are few businesses that would require you to be the face of the business. The most obvious one...

Ananda Raj Pandey answered a question

What Are The Differences Between Toll, FedEx, DHL, or TNT ?

1. FedEx /DHL/TNT are courier service (door to door service). They will take care of all customs and will do custom clearance for you. They can come to your place to collect your items. They are express service, normally they ship within a day...

Yee Trinh answered a question

What is the most common headache of fast growing SME's?

I would have to agree with the two of you. maintaining company culturemaintaining quality hiring practicesmaintaining clear communication across the larger organisation with procedures and processes

Phil Khor answered a question

What are your top 3 tips for managing unpredictable issues that affect your workflow?

Add in your daily to do list a time when you deal with certain things. E.g. A time for checking and responding to emailsSimilar to the first point, if people constantly come to you throughout the day to speak to you, make it a point and make it...

Yee Trinh answered a question

What is your Conflict Response Style?

Naturally, I avoid conflict. I prefer pushing away an issue, hoping it won't happen a second time so as to prolong the need to deal with it. This is especially true in my personal life and have yet to really overcome this.At work however, the stakes...

Yee Trinh answered a question

How do you split out your time daily?

I like to have a routine day to day, but it's hard getting into a routine. I don't sleep much. ~5hours/day. I should sleep more but I like to get up early, get some exercise in, sort out the important emails and prioritise calendar tasks for the...

Phil Khor answered a question

How does promotional article work on the Savvy platform?

Hi John, thanks for the question. Thought I'll re-post the answer to your question via PM again here for the benefit of other members too.The number of views on promotional articles vary a lot depending on the article's title, content, relevance,...

Yee Trinh answered a question

How do I listen to the AMA?

Hi BrianThe AMAs are happening right here at :) It is simply Q&A. There is no audio or video. Hope you enjoy the discussions!

Yee Trinh answered a question

Does SavvySME organise business networking events?

Hi Leah!Thanks for your question. Good to see interest in offline events! We're setting up a few for later this year. Stay tuned and let us know what you'd like to achieve from such events, so that we can provide as much value to the community as...

Yee Trinh answered a question

What's your favourite case to read?

If one drinks too many bottles of Big Mac, I'm sure they could very well be confused by the burger of the same name.

Yee Trinh answered a question

How do I start a business?

Check out This is the first thing I do before jumping into any business idea.

Yee Trinh answered a question

How do you promote a restaurant located away from the main road?

With any hospitality establishment, the best way to market your business is the hard, old-fashioned way - word of mouth. You need to get your current customers to spread the word. What do you need for this? 1. Exceptional product, exceptional...

Yee Trinh answered a question

What is the difference between hype and speculation?

The term "hype" suggests one's success is a temporary spike purely due to herd behaviour rather than being derived from the performance of the actual product itself. "Speculation" on the other hand, although also an aggregate of opinions, is based...

Phil Khor answered a question

What is your favourite or preferred project management system?

We use Asana a lot here at Savvy because it's incredibly powerful in tracking multiple initiatives, but it's also a great team communication tool, even with satellite teams. It can get quite a bit overwhelming if you're not used to working in a...

Yee Trinh answered a question

How can a virtual assistant help you?

Virtual assistants would be great for random tasks however I suppose it's the unfamiliarity factor that deters most of us from using them. We're not sure how reliable they are. Doing business face-to-face is just something we're used to. Putting a...

Phil Khor answered a question

What is the number one skill required to build a successful SME?

#1 trait will have to be grit i.e. passion and perseverance for long term goals. Anyone can learn and become an expert at anything but there are inevitably hurdles in business, many of which might even seem insurmountable at the time. And without...

Yee Trinh answered a question

How often do you upgrade your gadgets?

I probably update my phone every couple of years. Laptops and tablets probably less frequently - as long as they're functioning. I don't see the need to update for a device with better features all the time, if it fulfills my basic requirements!

Phil Khor answered a question

What is wrong with this sentence?

Great brain teaser on an Easter weekend! Thanks Steve. I'm by no means an expert but would love to have a go.  How about this? "There are skills to help you handle stress, including dealing with those who are causing you stress."

Phil Khor answered a question

Who would be the business mentor you would love to learn from?

I met with one of our top influencers, Neil Steggall and suffice to say, it was time well spent. Neil has a refreshing insight into the SME market, how business really works and a great ambassador for our community. Highly recommended. In addition,...

Ananda Raj Pandey answered a question

How do you identify and prevent dastardly digital downloads?

Use of proper firewall like "Zone alarm" will prevent any request from your computer to attacker server, and hence you will be notified what is requested.  So even you end up with downloading any bad files / software e/t/c. You will know by your...

Phil Khor answered a question

How should I rebrand my business?

Hi Liz, Thanks for your great initiative in asking the question. Branding is one of the hardest but also one of the most exciting challenges to overcome. I had a look at your website, and you do have a great range of herbs and spices. I can see...

Phil Khor answered a question

Are you interested in building a strategic alliance?

This is great initiative, Mahua. I don't have expertise you mentioned, but I can see these are logical complementary skills for a strategic alliance with you, so this sounds like a great opportunity for both parties! BTW I wrote a post on...

Phil Khor answered a question

Do you prefer an "all done for you" accounts process, or not?

Great question Michael. It's a personal choice but I think a 'done-for-you' service offerings makes sense with a few caveats. I'd suggest that the scope of processes included should be those either inextricably linked or has plenty of scope for...

Phil Khor answered a question

Is an echosign contract coverable?

Hi Andrew, great question. I have heard about Echosign but haven't used it yet. I was interested in the answer too, so I posted this question to my network and Echosign responded "Yes, in Australia e-sigs have the same legal status as handwritten...

Phil Khor answered a question

What is the one thing every business should outsource to an expert?

Great question Hazel! We know that we can't do it all ourselves, but the first step is always the hardest. Love to hear what other savvies come back with! :)

Phil Khor answered a question

Do you have contacts in Government who help small businesses?

Hey Peter, great question. I'm keen to know who other savvies might know in gov depts who can help. I have just rephrased your question title so that it's more visible to others.

Phil Khor answered a question

How do you increase blog comments and interaction?

Great question Gosia, I think this is a common challenge many bloggers struggle with. I'm keen to hear what people think as well.

Phil Khor answered a question

How do you pitch a creative idea to a client?

Great question Kealey, I'm just as keen to hear what people think is the right approach.

Phil Khor answered a question

Where do you get the leads for your business?

Excellent question, Linda. Wendy has a good point that success in B2B lead generation combines online and offline channels but with respect to online, I don't see enough sites out that caters effectively to B2B, so results can vary a lot.

Phil Khor answered a question

What is the best way to advertise spare offices for rent?

Hi Cherie, I know someone who is looking to lease some space in Chatswood. Will forward your query to them.  

Phil Khor answered a question

What is your favorite app and why?

I like Cheap Parking on my iPhone. Finding parking in the city is a nightmare, so the app solves a real problem for me. It's simple to use because it's intuitive and knows what I want - either 'cheapest' or 'closest' (from my destination). It's...

Ananda Raj Pandey answered a question

What stops you from fully moving into the cloud?

Many  SME's have doubt and questions regarding the services on cloud.  common questions i have are:  a) seems expensive ? b) need extra knowledge to handle the cloud? c)  i have very small thing to do, so why increase cost by moving to cloud? d)...

Ananda Raj Pandey answered a question

What are the best software packages for startup small business?

i suggest to visit google enterpise marketplace, you can find loads of free apps for project management, time management, customer management and so on. Most of these options are free, so easy to start with startups. 

Ananda Raj Pandey answered a question

Is It Possible To Use Multiple Trading Names Via Same Company?

As per the second part of the question, Most of the banks or merchant account provider  doesn't allow you use multiple trading name, with single merchant account. So most of the time you have to have multiple merchant account for different trading...

Phil Khor answered a question

How do I calculate how much my business is worth?

Hey Nick,  Great question. I think as business owners we often wonder about our business valuation but perhaps never get around to ask it. I'm neither a qualified business valuer nor have extensive experience in this field, but I can talk to some...

Phil Khor answered a question

Do you have any tips for creating a mobile app for a business?

Hi Linda, I came across this Infographic this morning, and thought you may find it useful - especially with some "best practices" summarised at the bottom of the page [Infographic] Time to go mobile

Phil Khor answered a question

What automated platforms or tools to use for social media?

Hi Henrik, I love Hootsuite - it's easy, intuitive and helps me manage across different networks. The Hootlet extension works really well for me and can even be addictive, if you're not careful :) And then there's the beast.. SocialBro, which I call...

Ananda Raj Pandey answered a question

What's the difference between Shared hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS) and dedicated hosting?

Shared Hosting: In this type of hosting, a single server will have many sites hosted. User can get single hosting solution or reseller package for the shared hosting providers. Eventully eveything this will be hosted in the same server and thus...

Phil Khor answered a question

Where Can I Submit My Press Release For Online Public Relations?

Here's a list of press release submission services in Australia, which you may find useful as a starting point. Australia PRWire PRWire offers free distribution services to qualified users. They offer RSS functionality wherein users can have...

Phil Khor answered a question

Which Ones Are Exactly The ✔️Top Law Firms In Australia?

The top law firms in Australia are often referred to as the "Big Six". These firms are considered Australia’s most prestigious law firms. They handle some of the largest mergers and acquisitions globally, not just in Australia. Allens Arthur...

Phil Khor answered a question

Where can I find good lawyers in Australia?

Here is a list of online directories of lawyers in Australia you may find helpful: Australian Lawyers Directory  Australian Lawyers Directory is one of the more popular lawyer directory websites in Australia. Its search function is user...

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