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Chiropractic treatment is a great way to stay healthy, recover from illness or injury, and relieve your aches and pains. Here are just a few of the conditions that Schiller Chiropractic in Joondalup, Perth can treat: Back pain Neck pain Headaches Sciatica Trapped nerve Shoulder, elbow, hand pain Hip, knee, foot pain Sports injuries Poor posture Jaw pain Pain after a car accident


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Jason Davies

The specialists here are brilliant and are not pushy about getting customers to come back. Satisfied customers keep going back because they are excellent and their website allows easy booking of appointments. They bulk bill and I never have to pay in extras like other practices make you do.

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Shiva Ghaderi

It has been a couple of years I am suffering from knee pain due to early age arthritis and right patella which has been tilted outward. I have been sent to physiotherapy in different stages of my treatment and they all gave me the same exercises to build some quad muscles to help the patella move back to the right position . I mentioned to all my physiotherapists and even orthopedic surgeons that I used to sit in 'W' position since I was a kid till I was 26 and non of them looked deep into my sitting posture and the way my muscle around knee has been shaped due to the wrong sitting position. During my treatment, I had pain in my ankle and I even had some bruise around my ankle. I kept mentioning something is wrong here and no one paid enough attention that the bone above my foot's arch is under pressure due to wrong way of walking and sitting position which also aggravated my knee pain. I couldn't get enough sleep at night if I put my knee bent over each other as the bone on side of my knee cap gave me a unbearable pain. I saw different physiotherapists and orthopedic surgeons, and no one could help me out with my pain even for a few hours unless they prescribed pain killers which was a temporary relief. After a couple of years, I decided to see a chiropractor this time. I saw Dr schillar in Lakeside chiropractic center, she observed my walking and the way I am standing deeply. She pointed at all the spots I had pain, before I even tell her that I feel pain in that area. She gave me a very simple exercise that she mentioned it's one of the crucial knee exercises that I need to do. She also tried to reduce the inflammation I had around the knee cap with a professional massage and other great techniques. She recommended that I definitely need to have a orthaheel insole to correct the sole arch in order to help the knee cap rotation. The most important thing is for the first time when I walked out of a Dr's office, I had no pain and there was no inflammation, and I could have a great sleep without pain for the first time after awhile. A big thank you to Dr Linda Schiller for her great diagnosis and professional treatment. Nothing is more important than feeling that your Dr can understand your pain.

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Jac W

Seeing Linda has been such a massive benefit for my baby. I first took him to her when he was 7 weeks old after trying many unsuccessful remedies to help with his colic. After the first appointment he was clearly in a lot less pain and by the third appointment his colic symptoms were completely gone. Chiro for babies is definitely not what generally first comes to mind with cracking, etc, everything is very gentle and my boy really enjoys the stretches. Now at 12 weeks of age we have a very happy baby and he has parents with their sanity back. Highly recommend her services.

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Josh O

Great practice, awesome people. Highly recommended!.

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Russell Campbell

Linda was great really helpful and full of advice. Would highly recommend her no matter your age.



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