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Seed Training Group is a Melbourne based training institute focusing on innovative education and career development. We offer practical and professional programs, which prepare students with the skills and knowledge to become successful individuals and help them move up the career ladder. Grow your career with us!


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Val B

I am an Accounting graduate and I've recently completed the General Accounting Program which consists of bookkeeping and individual tax as well as Microsoft Excel. I got the chance to use MYOB, Reckon Accounts, ZERO to complete the bookkeeping aspect of the program which consists of Accounts Receivable/ Payable, payroll and accounts reconciliation and involves repetition to really get the hang of it. There is enough trainers for the number of students and they are always happy to help, answer questions and can easily figure out and explain exactly where you may have gone wrong when you make a mistake so you understand the program better and know what to look out for when completing the rest of the work. Tax component was very thorough as well, giving different possible scenarios and giving me the confidence to also do my own tax returns in future. Prior to this course I had no experience in the accounting field, now am able to put this practical experience on my resume and have the confidence to again start applying for jobs that I didn't have before.

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Christine Liu

The trainer John is always very patient with all my questions. The job-ready program of financial planning does teach very practical knowledge and skills. I was asked many technical questions in the job interview, which had been covered by the program, and the employer was impressed by my answers. Both the trainer and staff are very nice and they do care about students, even after the training program is over. I am highly impressed by their quick responses to my questions and inquiries after I have completed the training program.

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sq d

I did a financial planning training course at Seed, gained a lot from that experience, and within a month I got an offer for a pemanent full-time position in a financial services firm. The course was taught by John, a certified financial planner. He is a very patient trainer. I found the course practical and informative. And the knowledge and skills I learned definitely gave me an advantage when I applied for jobs. Overall, Seed is a down-to-earth training provider that delivers what it promises!

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Je Sam

I completed my Tax Accounting training in Seed. Seed is a great place to gain practical experience in Australian bookkeeping and taxation field. Trainers are really nice and answer my questions patiently, from small until detail questions. I definitely recommend Seed to everyone who would like to improve their practical Accounting skills to make yourself be more job-ready. Even if you are still student, no worries, this program will help you understand more some theories in Taxation Law subject as you are going through practical study case and do it in the real software!

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Perry Mo

Seed Training Group is an excellent training institution that provides trainees lots of practical and useful training experience and gives them insights about how the real-world working environment in accounting industry would be. I would definitely recommend my friends who are in need of this training programmes!



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