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Comparison and Selection is our Craft

Credit Card Selector is Australia’s free, independent Credit Card Comparison service working to educate and empower Australian's to make better, more informed decisions.

We are on a mission to help Australian’s compare, select and apply for credit cards that best suit their needs.

Thousands of Australian’s have used Credit Card Selector to help them make smarter decisions when selecting their next Credit Card.


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Bootstrapping – does it make you a better entrepreneur?

Bootstrapping – does it make you a better entrepreneur?

Following of form my article earlier this month What have I learnt from bootstrapping my latest... read more

What have I learnt from bootstrapping my latest venture, 6 months in?

What have I learnt from bootstrapping my latest venture, 6 months in?

I am now 6 months into my 3rd start up which feels like a good time to share my experience of... read more

Questions & Answers

David Bradbury answered a question

Is near enough good enough for SMEs?

Neil Hi, From a digital perspective, the Minimal Viable Product (MVP) approach to development encourages us to avoid perfection like the plague, and classifies it absolutely as a waste of effort and $$.

David Bradbury answered a question

What are your experiences with outsourcing the development of your digital platform offshore?

I ran an RFP late last year with the mission to identify and engage with an offshore development company, we are now 5 months into the development of a Comparison Platform and the report card is as good as I could expect. So what did I learn from...

David Bradbury answered a question

What are the best software packages for startup small business?

To ensure we have clarity of thought around our business we have found a one page business planning tool very useful, which uses a sticky notes approach to building a business plan. It provides a robust structure for capturing your business plan on...

David Bradbury answered a question

Can anyone recommend a good cloud based customer support app?

Michaela hi and thanks for your feedback. We have opted to go with from salesforce  as it has some unique features we are interested in deploying and the API looks really user friendly. We intend to trial it for 3 months and then re access....

David Bradbury answered a question

Have you successfully ranked on Google Page 1 with .co domain?

Sandy and James many thanks for your thoughts and insights. The domains I am contemplating developing sites for are all highly searched for terms in the arena which my new venture will be operating, so no surprises when I tell you that and...

David Bradbury answered a question

What is the best way to advertise spare offices for rent?

We have used a range of sites with good success when we have had over capacity on our offices. First one is Australian in Front, listing cost is just $5: Second is focused on creative...

David Bradbury answered a question

Are you getting value from your email list?

Nick hi, sure content is important but if your list quality is sub standard you are always going to be fighting a losing battle. I'd initially focus on your approaches to acquiring list members, where quality trumps quantity, so look to recruit...

David Bradbury answered a question

What word do you use when searching on Google an Accountant?

If you are an established business you'll be working on a particular accounting software, myob, xero Et al, so I'd be including whichever software you are using in your search, as any bookkeepers and accountants del exclusively with software...

David Bradbury answered a question

How do you best evaluate the skills of offshore developers?

Henrik Hi, Having just appointed an OS development company to build a new Software application, here's my learnings: Issue a detailed RFP for your project, requesting key points of information in the response, to include: Recent clients, recent...

David Bradbury answered a question

Apart from a pay rise, how else can you reward your staff?

Jeffery Hi, Yes agree with colleagues above, but we also have to be practical, as creating bespoke rewards for each employee is probably not sustainable. I have found consistency, as opposed to size of a one off effort, to be the key to success. So...

David Bradbury answered a question

Should I use an accounting firm or independent contractor?

Having navigated through this challenge I can offer the following thoughts based on what worked for my business. Initially its important to provide a profile of the business so you can match your requirements against this. The business Issued...

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