Self Plus Plus Pty Ltd

Self Plus Plus Pty Ltd

Education and training

PO Box 2079, Kambah Village, ACT 2902

ABN 50638614169
EST 2019


Self++ offers NDIS capacity building services in several different areas, such as finding and keeping a job, improved living arrangements and improved relationships. We work with people with intellectual disabilities to break down their goals and develop the skills and confidence to achieve those goals.

Are you sick of sitting around the house all day, or are you stuck in a boring job doing the same thing over and over? We believe anyone can find a meaningful job that fulfils their purpose, regardless of disability.

Other providers may try to find you work doing menial tasks, however we work with you to find your passion and help you work in a field that feeds that passion.

If you want to work in your own business, our team also has experience running small businesses and can also support you to run yours.

Get in touch today to see how we can help you work towards your employment goals so you can lead the life you desire.