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Namaste! Shanti Yoga, home of leading Gold Coast yoga classes, yoga teacher training, meditation and ayurveda courses. What we offer is holistic, healing and unique: quality services and great value. It’s all you need to experience a healthy, happy and inspired lifestyle and achieve the ultimate goal of being human: a life of love, wisdom, authenticity, healing, fulfillment and purpose. Experience the benefits hatha yoga, body toning, read more on our website.


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Eddie Rebehy

A life changing experience that demands a lifetime to experience. This is a community of beautiful and amazing souls and not just a venue for healing your own. There is no greater knowledge than that which we learn through knowing. Knowing is experiencing. Do yourself a favour and try Shanti's life changing retreats.

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Ivan Boshoff

I'm grateful to have found this gem. Authentic, accessible yoga that heals and awakens you from the inside out.

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Helen Perkins

Wonderful and authentic yoga community! Love it!

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Tony L

Shanti Yoga at Southport is such an easy going, friendly and relaxed place to be a part of. I am always welcomed there and they also have such a sound and solid understanding of the ancient ways of ayurvedic healing. Recovering from injuries there is always something I can participate in to assist in my recovery from meditation to Gentle Yoga to the more advanced Yoga Classes. On the Gold Coast this is definitely the best place you will find.

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Joana Vale

Shanti Yoga takes you to an upper level of your body, mind and spirit, in and out of the mat. A divine experience into your true Self. I have been practicing Shanti Yoga in the last one year and half. It changed my life and recommend it to everyone!!!!



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