Sketa Oz  Group Pty Ltd

Sketa Oz Group Pty Ltd

Education and training

P.O. Box 2828, Toowoomba, QLD 4350

ABN 61700723889
EST 2000


The Sketa Oz Group - a multi-level, branded business group that engages in: The Arts, Design, Publishing, Education, Health and Wellness. It was founded by female entrepreneur, entertainer, author, and artist - Selina Kucks who is well known to the entertainment industry as: 'Sketa'. Her excessive energy as a young child was likened to that of a flighty mosquito. This landed her the nickname 'Sketa' that has served her well for all artistic endeavours.
The Sketa Oz Group Mission: is to become the best version of 'us' - through becoming a leading producer and disseminator of entertainment and information that is indeed highly creative, innovative, unique, artistic and educational.effective, literacy acquisition processes. Sketa Oz, began long ago with a dream - to create the best artistic experience possible and to grow that experience into something miraculous; something that could be shared with many, remembered by generations and enjoyed for all eternity.


  • Educational Consultants