Sleepbuddy for a good flights sleep

Sleepbuddy for a good flights sleep

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Take the comfort of home with you while you are travelling. The Good Flight sleep pillow provides the optimal combination of comfort and support in a portable size.

Trying to fall asleep on a plane is difficult, but having the right travel pillow can help you get some shut-eye during your epic flight across oceans and continents. The Good Flight Sleep is an expertly handcrafted travel pillow in Perth, Australia.

Our innovative and patented design that will allow you to find your ideal sleep while you are travelling. Avoid the after-travel slump and arrive at your destinations refreshed and ready to go.

Why is Good Flight Sleep Pillow Making a Difference?

It’s a limited edition made in Western Australia
The designed is patented and tested for a comfortable sleep
Comes with style and eye-catching patterns

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