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Snap Waitara also offer graphic design, online marketing services (such as websites and eNewsletters) and direct marketing. Snap Waitara is here to help with all your requirements, big or small. You can trust Snap Waitara to provide expert advice, cost-effective solutions and a level of creativity beyond expectations with quick, high quality results.

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Port Macquarie Online Marketing

We help businesses thrive and grow by showing them how to work smarter, not harder. In this Internet age, you need a total web presence, not just a website, but you don't need to spend all day on Facebook and Twitter if you use technology to help you. We can show you what works in 2016 and beyond,...


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Edwin & Jean are so quick & helpful. We've worked with them for years!

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Best place for a good print job in Hornsby! Never looked elsewhere when I first went to them late last year. Jean, Edwin and the rest of their team always worked hard to deliver quality print jobs for me under several tight situations and I'm so grateful for them. They are all both friendly and informative both on phone and in person. In addition, their prices are also great and reasonable for me as a uni student, which is even better! I hope to come back again soon.

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Had a really great experience here, Jean and her colleague (I'm sorry, I forgot his name) got some printing done for me in a matter of hours at exceptional quality. Jean even suggested an alternative layout which markedly improved the result. The only minor inconvenience was that they weren't able to accept the paper which I had bought from elsewhere and so I had to use their own stock, however the cost was reasonable and I can understand the risk of ruining their printers. Thanks Jean and co!

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I could not speak more highly of Snap Waitara's service and product quality. I worked with Jean and her graphic designer to create and print thousands of company catalogues before Xmas, and she completely understood what we needed instantly. The catalogue was designed, and mailed by Snap at a fantastic price and in a very fast time-frame. It would have cost us so much more time and money to product in-house, and dealing with Jean was an absolute dream. We'll be using Snap Waitara for all our future professional design and printing. Thank You!

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Excellent service! I went in on a Friday afternoon, with a last minute printing job that I needed for the weekend. I was served by Jean who could not have been more accommodating and helpful. They were quite busy but Jean stayed, printed my work after hours and waited for me to pick it up.

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