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We are the people you call when your website isn't converting, your blog is a wasteland, and your email marketing campaign is non-existent. We help you build and run a realistic sales and marketing plan which includes email marketing, social media, sales funnels, website conversion, adwords and facebook ads. All designed to increase revenues, increase leads and grow your business. We have won 2 international awards for email marketing excellence.

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Dumb Pricing Mistake #1 that You Might be Making

Dumb Pricing Mistake #1 that You Might be Making

Do you struggle with setting your prices? There is a simple mistake that most business owners of... read more

Your Website is Not Creative Unless it Sells - or Is Your Creative Website Killing Sales

Your Website is Not Creative Unless it Sells - or Is Your Creative Website Killing Sales

David Ogilvy was a great advertising guy. In 1962, Time magazine hailed him ‘the wizard of modern... read more


Jenny Spring answered a question

What experience do you have with paid advertising to test MVP?

To clarify, you want to test a minimal viable product using SM? How do you measure the viability of it? Through number of likes? Payment? Engagement/conversation? I'm just wondering how you will set your parameters?

Jenny Spring answered a question

How effective are Facebook ads for each dollar invested?

There are 5 different types of ads you can run through Facebook. It depends what your goal is:  1. attract more Likers to your page 2. sign up people on your email list 3. sell a product/service via your website 4. announce a new...

Jenny Spring answered a question

Do you follow your competitors on social media?

Definitely! And I advise my clients to as well. And to actively join and follow them openly. Pros 1. you can see what types of posts (on Facebook) gain the highest level of engagement. 2. you can see the types of people who follow them, and do...

Jenny Spring answered a question

Are you getting value from your email list?

If you know that the customer is King, then the content must be Queen? If you want to turn your email subscribers into long term customers, then you need to feed them what they want. Why not ask them first?

Jenny Spring answered a question

What are the differences in the way men and women do business?

There are significant differences in between the way a female customer and a male customer approach the product or service they will be purchasing. The woman will be highly observant of the sales person, whether they listen well, whether they...

Jenny Spring answered a question

What are common problems SMEs face with their websites?

They haven't clearly defined their customer profiles. So they try to be too much for too many, rather than fantastic for a few.

Jenny Spring answered a question

Does Facebook really help drive sales in my business?

You can absolutely get traffic from Facebook. However, as you build your Facebook audience you want to be clear about a few things: 1. who is your target market. Only attract those Likers, and don't get the bargain hunters 2. remember to create...

Jenny Spring answered a question

What are your favourite business websites?

socialtriggers.com startupsmart.com.au waldowsocial.com ejunkie.com  

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Jenny Spring

Jenny Spring Managing Director Top 10% Selling Online


BroadWeb Solutions

BroadWeb Solutions is a Digital Consultancy where we help businesses: * Establish and maintain a digital presence ( website / hosting / social media ) * Drive more traffic to their websites by optimising it for search engines * Scan their online properties to ensure they are secure and safe...


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