Stools and Chairs Pty Ltd

Stools and Chairs Pty Ltd


Crystal St, Petersham, NSW 2049

ABN 25150995234
EST 2011


We are an online furniture retailer specialising in Stools and Chairs, and replica furniture. We have a Price Beat Guarantee which means if you find a similar product elsewhere for a lower price, we'll beat it by 5%


  • Furniture-Retail

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Brian Jo answered a question

Brian Jo answered a question

Why are my website backlinks not appearing on Google Webmaster?

Thanks for the detailed response James. I looked at SEOMoz before and a few other web based backlink checker and it shows the links - i was more concerned for indexing purposes and domain authority that WMT wasn't picking it up. Great help

Brian Jo answered a question

Are Google Remarketing ads paying off for your business?

I dont think its a more aggressive push by the Savvy marketing team but as a result of your browser cookies seeing you visited this site and thus advertising more. Happy to be corrected

Brian Jo answered a question

Who do you use for your SEO?

Hi David, I would prefer onsite and definitley DO NOT WANT automated operators as the repercussions of being penalised are too great.   Love to know who you are using and whether their practices flirt with 'spam territory' with their backlinks

Brian Jo answered a question

Is a Yahoo paid directory listing worth it?

Thanks James. I know I wont get an overnight boost in rankings/traffic, but I would like to start building authority on my site. Thanks for the TrueLocal suggestion I will be speaking with them later today.   Regards Brian

Brian Jo answered a question

What are good benchmark metrics for a new startup?

Thanks Gregory. I guess at the end of the day, quality of subscribers is just as important as number of subscribers. You really need both hand in hand. I currently believe I - have products that are already proven good sellers in Australia - have...

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