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Urvashi Jhugroo

5 years ago, I gave them a 5 star rating. They sent me 2 very experienced movers that knew how to do their work. They were tall and strong and moved all my stuff in under 3 hours. 5 years forward, I was extremely disappointed. They sent me 2 movers who were so slack. I asked them how long will it take (as I had a restricted budget); they said "oh yesterday we took 9 hours to move a 3-4 bedroom house." We had a 2 bedroom apartment and I said from experience, last time you took less than 3 hours and I can only afford 5 or so hours. I said we are willing to help as much as possible. My partner and I had a dolly and a trolley; we moved so much stuff right next to their truck, yet they were so slow to pack. It took a total of 4 hours for them to pack the truck. They forgot a piece of furniture behind and put stuff onto our plants that got squashed. We specially got a 10 tonnes truck so that nothing will have to get stacked over our plants, yet that happened. Not very good planning there. They are very bad at carrying stuff and definitely are not OH&S trained at all. They don't even bend their knees to pick up a heavy item. They had tools in their truck that could have helped them go faster, which they didn't use. Travel time was 40min. On there way to our place, they got a call about a delivery job after us. They told us we had to be done fast because of the next job. And I quote: "Delivery job is easy money". They unloaded the truck in 45min. They dumped all the stuff onto my poor partner and I and we had to do the back and forth. Both my partner and I injured ourselves and strained numerous muscles. I am extremely disappointed and will not be using them again. It took them 6 hours and it was mostly done by my partner and I. Anyone reading this review, do yourself a favor and choose a well known company - they will cost the same; but at least they will be trained people. Move My Stuff - It's time for you to train your employees/contractors. They are not fit for this job. Everyone who uses a removalist wants the job to be done fast, efficiently and safely.

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Darren Steel

Great service from Move my Stuff. They called when they were close, arrived on time. Completed the job fast but also handled everything with care. The two guys were great, friendly and nice to deal with. I would definitely use them again. Very happy.

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Justin Coutts

On Sunday 2 guys assisted with my move from South Yarra and were great to deal with on a move from a multi story apartment block in Chapel Street. They were considerate and required our assistance due to parking issues in the local area. We were only too happy to assist while one guy stayed with the truck and loaded and secured everything as we, along with the other guy helped. Were good at both ends of the removal.

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Ash Shrivastava

Move My Stuff helped my move from Hawthorn to St.Kilda last week and they were flawless. Office was breeze to deal with, accommodated my settlement issue timing nicely. Truck came on time, boys had the can do attitude, did a difficult move very easily. Price was very reasonable . Highly recommended AAA+++

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Ashley McLean

No complaints other than I was told I could pay by card, and that wasn't the case. Had to drive to nearest town to find an ATM to get cash out. Not ideal but the 2 young lads did a very good job. Ash



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