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Store My Stuff

Transport, postal and storage

11B Production Dr, Campbellfield, VIC 3061

ABN 36361309256
EST 2002


Store My Stuff presents the ultimate solution for storage, We promise to serve better and deliver best services throughout the Melbourne.

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The staff at Move my Stuff were, without a doubt, the best moving company I have ever used. They picked up goods from 3 separate locations and delivered my goods within a time frame agreed upon, even calling me on the day with an ETA. Friendly staff all around from the office staff to the delivery guys, who were both lovely and professional. Any time I need to have goods delivered, I will very definately be using this company again. Thank you for a job well done at a very reasonable price, much appreciated.

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We moved house on Friday and used Move My Stuff. The guys that turned up were excellent, they called in advance and were able to come earlier which suited us perfectly. They were professional and really nice, they took good care of our things and were very efficient. With 3 of us helping, we managed to move all of our stuff 30 minutes away within under 2.5 hours. Communication with booking was also very smooth and responsive. I'd definitely use them again.

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Brilliant group! Fantastic, hassle free move :) The gents moved us from the South East side to the West side quickly and carefully. Will definitely use this team again :)

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I have used this company a handful of times before, but this will be my last time. The movers seemed to be nice people, but that is where the positives end. It took way too long, almost deliberately so. I had to do a lot of the heavy lifting myself, and even after paying for 5 hours they "accidentally" tried to charge for 6 hours.

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In general the 2 men were polite however I was not impressed that after they had left, we found dents on the fridge that was not there before the move, further there were definitely no scratches or paint damage to area where sofa bed was going upstairs, when we went to position the sofa we found paint damage to wall. We had wardrobes that we found damaged after the move. We have 2 relatively new queen size latex mattress which we purchased strong plastic bag to protect from dirt etc. the men suggested it was easier to move the mattress without it. the mattress now have dark sweaty hand and arm marks where it was handled. when it was time to pay, I wanted to pay by credit card, it was suggested that there was a service charge, when I enquired what was the percentage charge, the main guy handed me his mobile phone and said it would depend on how I rated him. it turned the charge was 1% of invoice. I find that method a con especially after finding damage to furniture.

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