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We work efficiently, effectively and flexibly, in a way which meets the needs of both clients and our people.  Practising in both the Northern Territory and Queensland, we are able to provide quality legal services remotely or in person primarily in the areas of property and commercial law.  We support personal clients, Defence families, investors, small business, developers and builders, legal professionals and government to achieve their desired legal outcomes.


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I need to protect it with 'intellectual property' laws? Does anyone have any ideas how much this costs to do at all?

It depends on what the program does and how it impacts your clients. You can look at for basic information about copyright. However you'll need to speak with a lawyer who specifically works in the field of technology and...

Answered by Deborah Vella

For a small business, is Facebook worth the time and effort?

I believe it is worth the time and effort for a service based business. This may change depending on the type of business, the type of client and what you are hoping to achieve. For a service based business, it is important to generate and...

Answered by Deborah Vella

How can I tell if my company has reached the limit of its borrowing capacity? Can I comfortably handle additional debt?

If you're uncertain, it is important to have your accountant look over the numbers. Given fluctuations in the economy and revenue for small business, it would be wise to include a buffer to ride out any difficult trading periods. Keep in mind also...

Answered by Deborah Vella



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