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We offer quality Australian legal documents and tools online that can be used by small law practices as part of their services to their own clients. We also offer legal services for small law practices.


Add Human Intelligence to Precedent Documents

Solicitors & Attorneys

Add Human Intelligence to Precedent Documents  

Adapt your precedent documents by adding a healthy dose of human intelligence. Work with an experienced lawyer to review and update existing precedents and automate them to take your legal solution from idea to implementation.  



Why should a customer hire your business over other service professionals?

We support you by offering customised, quality legal documents online for your Australian small business, without legal advice. The documents can be accessed at any time on any device. Complete the interview online, have a customised document in a few minutes. See any lawyer for legal advice.

Which geographical areas does your business service?

Online in Australia.

What experience, certificates, and licenses does your business have to qualify for the job?

All online automated documents are drafted by experienced lawyers, who are appropriately qualified and insured. All documents are provided without legal advice. See any lawyer if you need legal advice.

Are there specific areas of your trade or industry that your business specialises in?

We provide documents for all Australian small businesses. If you'd like changes to the document which are specific to your trade or industry, simply provide a Word version of the document to your lawyer. Your lawyer will be able to make any necessary changes and provide you with legal advice.

How do you normally charge for your services?

All documents can be purchased online using a credit card. These are provided without legal advice. We will enter a costs agreement with you if you need our legal advice services. We do not charge per hour of time. We will work out an appropriate fee when we discuss the work you need us to do.

What makes your pricing competitive?

You won't be charged per hour of time spent on your matter. Therefore, we don't reward ourselves for being inefficient or wasting time. Our pricing is designed to be fair in exchange for our valuable documents and services, which are provided efficiently and conveniently.

What are your customers` most frequently asked questions?

You can find answers to your questions at Feel free to take a look around. If you still have questions, please contact us.

What is the profile of your ideal customer? e.g. industry, size of business, revenue, number of employees and so on.

Any Australian small business, organisation or individual. We also support Australian legal professionals and non-legal professional advisors. See for all of the opportunities to use Support Legal documents in your business.

Are there any special offers available to customers on SavvySME?

Check out our website regularly and sign up to our email marketing list to hear of all the latest special offers. Connect with us on Facebook, Linked In, Instagram and Twitter.

How is your business insured and what guarantees do you provide your customers?

Our lawyers are appropriately qualified and insured. Our legal advice services are subject to the regulations within the legal industry.

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How to Organise Your Business Before Selling

How to Organise Your Business Before Selling

For retail SMEs, organise your store arrangements and check your intellectual property arrangements... read more


Deborah Vella answered a question

What common legal issues do small businesses often overlook?

A common legal issue for small businesses is getting their business structure right. Sometimes its really easy to just start a business without thinking about the legal structure. One thing leads to another and you end up with a mess of who owns...

Deborah Vella answered a question

When do you need to trademark your business name or logo?

You'll need to trademark your business name or logo when you'd like exclusive rights to use them and be able to legally prevent others from using it. This is especially within your business area.  See more at IP...

Deborah Vella answered a question

Who's best in customer service Xero, MYOB, Reckon or Saasu?

I can highly recommend Xero as they are very responsive.  Your accountant can also log in to your accounts to look over everything.

Deborah Vella answered a question

Is it necessary to have physical address for online business?

From a legal perspective, you will need to have a registered business address.  This doesn't need to be a business location where customers visit, it can be a home address.  This address will be on a publically available register so...

Deborah Vella answered a question

Do you need accountants to help write business plans?

An accountant can help with their expertise, as can a lawyer.  You can write a business plan on your own but make sure to include a section where you'll obtain legal and accounting assistance to set up your business properly and also obtain...

Deborah Vella answered a question

What is one thing every business should outsource to an expert?

Anything that you are not confident at or takes you too long to do.  Chances are that the person that you outsource it to is more experienced, more confident and can product whatever you need in a more cost effective manner.

Deborah Vella answered a question

What Are The Payment Times When Working With Big Businesses?

It can depend on the type of work and industry.  Make sure you check their standard contracts and don't be afraid to ask for a change in the payment terms.  The worst they can do is say no.  What I find can usually happen is that...

Deborah Vella answered a question

Does Anyone Know How Much Intellectual Property Laws Cost?

It depends on what the program does and how it impacts your clients. You can look at for basic information about copyright. However you'll need to speak with a lawyer who specifically works in the field of technology and...

Deborah Vella answered a question

For a small business, is Facebook worth the time and effort?

I believe it is worth the time and effort for a service based business. This may change depending on the type of business, the type of client and what you are hoping to achieve. For a service based business, it is important to generate and...

Deborah Vella answered a question

How can I tell if my company has reached the limit of its borrowing capacity? Can I comfortably handle additional debt?

If you're uncertain, it is important to have your accountant look over the numbers. Given fluctuations in the economy and revenue for small business, it would be wise to include a buffer to ride out any difficult trading periods. Keep in mind also...

Deborah Vella answered a question

Franchise or self start up? Which would you choose and why?

It would depend on the proposed owner and what they are looking for. If they are looking for an established business or one that's simple to start up following a set procedure, and to be associated with a recognised brand, then purchasing a...

Deborah Vella answered a question

What is going to be the next "big thing" in the next 5-10 years?

As the next generation comes through to the management levels in business, we seem to be seeing a trend towards more businesses with attributes that appeal to the millennial generation. One of those is working on your own terms in small business...

Deborah Vella answered a question

What are your favourite marketing success stories?

The marketing that has worked best for Support Legal, and that of friends' businesses, is word of mouth. It is encouraging to hear success stories from others where their effort in maintaining positive client and peer business relationships leads...

Deborah Vella answered a question

Are Internal Processes or External Brand Perception in the Driver's Seat?

Both internal processes and external brand perception are important in business. As the owner of a law practice providing legal services, the external brand perception for Support Legal and personal reputation of myself as a lawyer are crucial to...

Deborah Vella answered a question

How will your business be affected by interest rate rises?

Doesn't both me at all. I'm taking a long term view with my business and aim to grow organically for the first few years at least. I can see how the rises will negatively impact businesses who have recently gone through a large expansion or growth...

Deborah Vella answered a question

What do you like most or least about Budget 2017?

It seems that the Budget 2017 does have small business in mind. While there may not be lots of small immediate perks, the budget helps to create a good foundation for small business to thrive.

Deborah Vella answered a question

What pitfalls or issues did you look for if you bought your company?

I didn't buy my business but I support others who chose to. It is essential to ensure that the main foundations of the business are strong. After that, goodwill and great relationships with clients and customers are a big consideration.

Deborah Vella answered a question

After the sale of your business, what drives you these days?

Rather than the sale of my business, I made a lifestyle choice to start a business. Building up a business that I can work around my family was my lifestyle choice.

Deborah Vella answered a question

Housing affordability: Should we limit/scrap negative gearing?

Negative gearing is one of the factors that feed into the property market. It can be aligned with lack of housing affordability, but so can a number or combination of other factors. Whether negative gearing should be scrapped or limited over time...

Deborah Vella answered a question

What is your recommendation to learn more about business broker/business regulation law?

It depends on the type of business and industry you are looking into. There are a series of laws that govern a variety of different types of businesses in Australia. Then there are often regulations that businesses are required to follow depending...

Deborah Vella answered a question

What happens to your online assets when you die?

You can leave instructions as to your wishes in your will. This may include a wish for another person to be assigned the intellectual property rights. This person then negotiates with the online publishers to grant your wishes.

Deborah Vella answered a question

What does the term mezzanine finance mean?

Mezzanine finance is a type of finance that is part debt and part equity. Essentially, if the debt is not able to be repaid, then the financier has rights to part of the equity in your business or project.

Deborah Vella answered a question

How is a service economy different from a knowledge economy?

In the knowledge economy, suppliers are able to adjust their service offerings to enable businesses to maximise their own service offerings. I see the knowledge suppliers as professionals helping businesses to meet their service goals.

Deborah Vella answered a question

How should cofounders reconcile differences?

With a very practical partnership agreement. The agreement should cover the values that are most important to each of the partners in business, the decision making process, the process for when decisions are difficult to make and an exit strategy...

Deborah Vella answered a question

Is "No Buyer's Remorse" scalable ?

I would like to see the concept in place, but perhaps without the physical shipping of the return items. It seems to be a waste of time, cost and resources to return the goods when other options are more economical, for example a limit to the...

Deborah Vella answered a question

Am I better off borrowing with the same bank or should I cultivate relationships with several banking institutions?

It depends on what you are trying to achieve. With an ongoing business relationship, your bank may be able to assist you in different ways. However be careful of cross-collateralisation. On the other hand, with borrowing with different banks you...

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