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Sureshot was founded with a mission to change the face of email marketing. Co-founders Jacquie Baker and Christpoher Shaw noticed that somehow, over the years, email marketing tools, that are supposed to make ones life easier, actually were getting harder to use. Sureshot was created to give users everything they need to create a successful email marketing campaign - including, content, graphics and email templates; all from one application. This brilliant product has won accolades and awards from industry heavyweights such as Rackspace.

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Keep talking to the people who have helped build your business.  They probably have your back.

Keep talking to the people who have helped build your business. They probably have your back.

Ok, so I am usually nerding out listening to music, tinkering with email marketing models and... read more


Jacquie Baker answered a question

How do you start building a website?

Hi Ling When we are developing websites for our clients we have 54 separate steps from concept to taking a site live.  My first step would be asking yourself what is the purpose of your website?  

Jacquie Baker answered a question

Is Crowdsourcing The Future Of Advertising For Businesses?

I sincerely hope it isn't the future.  I have used crowdsourcing for small jobs, and have been really happy with most of the outcomes. But I feel you loose the intimacy of a relationship. One of the joys of being in business, is getting to know...

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Should you let an accountant pick accounting software for you?

I am not sure about others, but I chose my accountant because he was a Xero partner. Xero is like crack for book-keeping/accounting.  Once you try it your hooked.  So I was hooked, there was no way I was going to use an accountant that didn't use...

Jacquie Baker answered a question

What should I look for in a Web hosting partner?

Joel, are you looking for a website or a webapp?   I would be looking at what type of programming your site has been made in.  I would also be looking at how much traffic you are expecting.  I would research who is the best for your type of needs....

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Jacquie Baker

Jacquie Baker Co-founder Top 20% Digital Marketing


Harbren Marketing

Jill Brennan is a marketing trainer, consultant and founder of Harbren Marketing. After working with, for and in small businesses for 20+ years, she has had a front row seat to the confusion and frustration that plagues many business owners when it comes to marketing. So she's on a mission...


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