Sydney Institute of Meditation

Sydney Institute of Meditation

Education and training

53 Western Crescent, Gladesville, NSW 2111

ABN 79159554860
EST 2017


Science-based learning of mindfulness, meditation plus more with accredited, knowledgeable and experienced teacher.
Introductory courses, teacher-training, corporate and school-based workshops.
Learn how to reduce stress, become more accepting, have better relationships and sleep better. More benefits include improved focus, concentration and memory.
Learn what is meditation?  What is mindfulness?  How do we do it? The body's response to stress and the physiology of what is happening in the brain and body.  Moreover, why meditation is an antidote to stress, and develops emotional regulation and impulse control.
The physiology of what is happening in the body when we meditate.
How meditation develops the brain's ability to 'let things go' (ie what is happening in the brain), and hence builds up resilience, self-acceptance, self-esteem and confidence.
How the practice of meditation improves focus, concentration and memory and therefore performance at school / work.


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