Talent EvolutionSans Souci, NSW 2219

Talent Evolution

Human resources and recruitment

PO Box 179, Sans Souci, NSW 2219

ABN 84 232 630 695
EST 2016


Talent Evolution are a team of HR professionals bored with the traditional and staid human resources. They are dedicated to evolving HR to focus on people (talent) rather than just processes. We are putting the fun into HR services, putting people first and taking HR to a whole new level.

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The secret to employing millennials and keeping them!

The secret to employing millennials and keeping them!

Millennials (those born 1988 – 1996) are now well and truly entrenched in the workforce, bringing... read more

“I love your passion to change the world but…”

“I love your passion to change the world but…”

Every morning we wake up, we get on with our day, we do what we have to do... but do you feel that... read more


Nicole Fato

Nicole Fato Owner Top 10% Career Planning


Red Wagon Workplace Solutions

At Red Wagon, we work with CEOs and senior leaders to solve difficult workplace issues. The company’s offering was designed by Susan Sadler, a practitioner with strong commercial acumen, deep legal knowledge, and experience delivering at the strategic and operational levels of HR. At Red Wagon,...


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PO Box 179

Sans Souci

NSW 2219

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