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Valley Rd Parramatta, Eastwood, NSW 2122

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i) Provide Tax Planning& Advisory services ii) Preparation and lodgement of individual , Partnership, Compoany, Trust & SMSF tax returns iii) Debt negotiation with ATO iv) Ongoing support for any post lodgement matters. v) Assistance in arranging loans for personal and property investments. vi) Book-Keeping & Accounting services for SME's and other business entities. vii) Business Advisory for Small business vii) Investment property viii) Formation of PTY Ltd Company, Trust, SMSF fund

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Sathyanarayanan Srinivasa answered a question

What are the ground rules for SMEs while dealing with the current market scenario?

HiYou need to understand the demand & supply gap for the products that you have decided to invest in, apart from the other scenarios which you will consider. The ground rules mainly would be complying with the applicable statutory requirements...

Sathyanarayanan Srinivasa answered a question

How do I find a small business mentor?

Hi Mentoring involues more of give overrall guidance and coordinate in taking appropriate business decisions.This needs experience in the particular field of business or someone who is good in strategy and number of years of experience in running...

Sathyanarayanan Srinivasa answered a question

What sort of tax agent should I use for US and AU earnings?

HiThe criteria for selecting the appropriate Accountant or Tax Agent depends on the complexity of the business and the cost factor as well.In your case you have to comply with various tax obligations in the country where your business is registered...

Sathyanarayanan Srinivasa answered a question

Do I need a bookkeeper?

Understand from your query that you are a small business owner having a sole trader business model.If you have prior experience maintaining your books of accounts as well as dealing with ATO you may not need book keeper to start with In case if...

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Steve Osborne / Smarthinking

Want to attract the kind of client best suited for your expertise? You may need more distinctive positioning. Steve works with service-based businesses that have trouble getting the right message to the right people. You may be stuck talking about what you DO (the process), instead of what...


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