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The Care Factor

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I work with leaders/managers who are burnt out or lost and help them discover/rediscover what they care about and align their life and business/career around that. At an organisational level, I consult with small businesses (30-100 people) to ensure that the best people performance processes (HR consulting) are in place to care and develop people so they perform at their peak. I specialise in leadership and team development based on an action learning approach that changes the way people think


Brand me with Purpose - Online Program WITH a Coach

Business Coaching

Brand me with Purpose - Online Program WITH a Coach  

What if you were able to create a message, a story that reflected the real you?

This is an online program that will help you do just that with: 6 modules, templates and an ONLINE COACH

This program with its coach gives you that EXTRA BOOST of encouragement and feedback WITHOUT THE EXPENSE of face to face business coaching. It is convenient and cost effective whilst also caring about your result.!landing-page-1/cvrg  


Leadership Team Building

Business Coaching

Leadership Team Building  

This signature system combines leading edge assessments in team dynamics and leadership with focussed, fun and interactive workshops.

Using this system, the team learns ways to communicate, solve problems and generate creative ideas because they TRUST each other, FOCUS on key priorities and FOLLOW THROUGH.  


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What's the Difference Between My Goals, My Objectives, My Strategies and My Tactics?

What's the Difference Between My Goals, My Objectives, My Strategies and My Tactics?

In working with business owners and start ups, I have experienced that we need to differentiate... read more

Can you

Can you "MAKE" your team CARE about their job?

Just as you can't force someone to love you, you can't "make" someone love their job. But you CAN... read more


Shannon Young answered a question

Does referral boost the confidence to distinguish a good candidate from a bad one?

Quick clarification but the title is confusing. A referral is different from a reference. A referral is when someone recommends someone for the job and a reference is what the candidate gives you to check his employment history (and character if you...

Shannon Young answered a question

How do you change a culture of chaos to one that adopts systematic processes?

I agree with Jeff regarding leadership as key to culture change. I specialised in culture change for 8 years and that was the key.Additions to realise are that people people need to let go of the old way of doing things. I agree with Jeff that this...

Shannon Young answered a question

What makes a sales team great?

I have seen in great companies that the teams are motivated by a shared purposed that is understood by each person and has meaning for each of them.This links in with Dan Pink's work on the 3 key motivations:AutonomyMastery PurposeBeing able to...


Shannon Young

Shannon Young Coach - Accelerator of People's Performance Top 30% Business Coaching


Sydney Business Web

Sydney Business Web -Pinpoint Local is a company in Sydney New South Wales. The company provides online marketing services to local business over a wide franchise region covering The Sutherland Shire from Caringbah, Northwards to Bankstown and beyond including Taren point, Kirrawee, Sylvania,...


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