The Drone Corporation

The Drone Corporation

Marketing and communications

1 Sir Reginald Ansett Drive, Adelaide Airport, SA 5950

ABN 43618253599
EST 2015


Droneco has a long and successful history within the Australian Aviation Industry including asset inspection services under the banner of Helistar. Assets are Powerlines – this is the main part of the business.
Droneco is at the forefront of commercial drone solutions to acquire, process and deliver actionable aerial data to innovative customers, as well as providing a complete service or training packages to tailor suit customer’s needs.
The company is pioneering drone application in asset inspection, Beach Management safety, energy, construction, agriculture, mining, media and major event management and other sectors, utilizing best-in-class drone technology and using our highly trained pilots and experienced data engineers to execute to implement safe legal and insured missions that help our customers achieve their new cost and operational efficiencies requirements.


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