The Mobile Billboard CompanyCaulfield North, VIC 3161

The Mobile Billboard Company

Marketing and communications

48 Kambrook Road, Caulfield North, VIC 3161

ABN 74 613 661 331
EST 2011


The Mobile Billboard Company provides large format advertising and marketing solutions - Australia wide. Mobile Billboards take your message directly to potential customers and directly into your targeted geographical market . They cannot be switched off, tuned out, skipped through and provide a direct method to communicate your message directly. Be it major roads and arterials - shopping centres, sporting events, community markets and recrational areas... Mobile Billboards have you covered and help your local area impact in a subtle and non obtrusive manner.


Mobile Billboard Advertising


Mobile Billboard Advertising  

Mobile Billboards provide a cost effective - directly targeted method to communicate directly with your potential customers. They are large format, yet subtle and unobtrusive - providing BIG impact right where you need it.  

Project cost from $560

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