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We help small businesses write Policies & Procedures that are "good enough to sell".

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Iain Dooley answered a question

What is your best advice for someone looking to start an online retail store?

I just answered this question here:"The first step to starting an online store is to go to AdWords and do keyword research to find out what people are...

Iain Dooley answered a question

What are the first steps to starting an online store?

The first step to starting an online store is to go to AdWords and do keyword research to find out what people are looking for, then use that to choose a niche (see below for link to resources by Andrew Youderian which cover other factors in...

Iain Dooley answered a question

Do I need a registered business name to start a home business?

You just need an ABN and some customers. Get some revenue, then start worrying about all the other stuff :) If you're just getting started, I recommend consuming as much content from as is humanly possible. It costs...

Iain Dooley answered a question

What is the best way to approach prospective clients?

Hey Leah, The first step is to narrow down who your prospective clients are. And "small business" doesn't cut it ;) For example, in my software business, I'm interested in small service businesses that have between 2 and 10 staff and more...

Iain Dooley answered a question

What to consider when looking for a business partner or employee?

I agree with Jeff that trust is important... but to me trust is more like an outcome.The important question is: what reliable, early indicators are there that I will likely be able to trust someone?For me, it comes down to 1 core factor:How well do...

Iain Dooley answered a question

Is SEO categorised as part of IT or Marketing?

It's an interesting question and I think this is more or less why the term Growth Hacker has come to prominence.Digital marketing of all kinds has so much overlap with Web Development skills that it is sometimes cumbersome to employ a "marketing...

Iain Dooley answered a question

How much does an australian virtual assistant (VA) cost?

Hey Nick, I hire on starting at around $20/hour for a few different roles in my business (not just VAs but also bookkeeping, sales assistants, editorial assistants, marketing assistants). I posted recently on a little...

Iain Dooley answered a question

What is your backup plan for income?

The dole? Bar work? I think my backup plan for income is living very frugally. The amount my family and I live on at the moment means I could do just about any job in the world and we'd still be able to manage!

Iain Dooley answered a question

What qualities do you look for in a new employee?

The ability to read and correctly follow instructions, and craft intelligent questions, are basically the only things I look for no matter who I'm hiring. In fact my induction process is self-selecting in this regard: when I hire someone I send...

Iain Dooley answered a question

What are your experiences with outsourcing the development of your digital platform offshore?

Hi Fleur, we've been outsourcing technology work overseas for several years. The experience differs depending on the type of project. I think the most important thing for successful outsourcing is to develop the policies & procedures *in-house*...

Iain Dooley answered a question

Has anyone ever found a recruiter that is worth it?

Check out Aussie startup

Iain Dooley answered a question

Is near enough good enough for SMEs?

As you mentioned, if you're a neurosurgeon, you have to get it right. However, I put stuff out all the time that's far from perfect. In fact I sold 90 copies of my AdWords ebook "Your First 3 Months on AdWords" before I "launched" officially and...

Iain Dooley answered a question

How do you start building a website?

If this is the first thing you're building, I would highly recommend making things very simple. For example: could you simply build a single page website with leadpages or unbounce? Could you create a basic blog with tumblr? Could you use a free...

Iain Dooley answered a question

Do you do your website design in-house or do you outsource?

We outsource all our work overseas. oDesk has gotten REALLY expensive for good designers because design work is hands down the easiest thing to outsource, so you're competing against cashed up VC funded US startups. In order to get competitive...

Iain Dooley answered a question

What is the difference between a Business Adviser, Coach and Consultant?

Here's how I'd define it based on my experiences with both: Looking for the perspective of your business, a coach is more strategic and a consultant is more tactical. The coach can help you decide what you need to do. The consultant can help you...

Iain Dooley answered a question

What is the number one skill required to build a successful SME?

THE ABILITY TO SELL. Hands down. Without exception. If you can sell it, the rest will follow.

Iain Dooley answered a question

Can you recommend good web developers in Sydney?

Get in touch with Bryce at even if he can't help you, he'll be able to recommend someone.

Iain Dooley answered a question

How can a virtual assistant help you?

Hi Maria, I love hiring virtually. In fact, I currently have on staff an accounting assistant, sales assistant, 2 editorial assistants and 2 project scheduling assistants. The key for me has always been to have adequately defined roles, and...

Iain Dooley answered a question

What is your favourite or preferred project management system?

I use *shudder* Basecamp CLASSIC. I really want to use something else and constantly evaluate various PM systems that come my way, but the one feature that I simply can't do without is the ability to see a calendar with all milestones for all...

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Anne C Clark

Anne Clark is a Project Manager, Coach, MailChimp Expert and Evernote Consultant. Working with entrepreneurs who are focused on growing their business and seeking the support to their message to their ideal clients, through things like blog posts, social media content, newsletters and really smart...


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