The Trustee for Hearts Dental Trust

The Trustee for Hearts Dental Trust

Health and wellbeing

500 Middleborough Road, Blackburn, VIC 3031

ABN 25607147738
EST 2018


About Hearts Dental
Heart Dental Clinic is a newly established family dental practice in BLACKBURN VICTORIA in 2018. Our professional team consists of two experienced dental surgeons with many years of extensive clinical dental experience and a group of experienced supporting staff.

Sometimes “medical” space can be less than exciting, with cold fitouts and decors that fail to comfort. When Dr. Qing Guo started her journey of designing Hearts Dental, her goal was to make this space feel more like a home, where she and her team look forward to going to everyday. Much effort and details were put into de-commercialising the clinic, with plenty of natural light and earthy toned finish. Your comfort and well-being is important to us.


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