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Emilly is a copywriter and content marketing specialist with several years of industry experience. She has worked across a wide range of industries including travel, education, government, retail and more as well as content strategy and outreach for well known Australian and international brands. It takes more than words on a page to get mouses clicking these days. If your visitors aren't engaging with your website the way you'd like them to, I can help.

I am an expert SEO copywriter with the skills to transform your copy in a way that drives results.

I will craft copy that is engaging, persuasive, on-brand and most importantly, it's going to get you the results you're looking for — more sales, more downloads or more leads for your business.

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How to Generate Quality Leads Through Your Company Blog ?>

How to Generate Quality Leads Through Your Company Blog

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Are there people who should not start a business?

I think the type of people who shouldn't start a business are those who need stability and predictability, and who aren't comfortable wearing many hats. There's nothing wrong with being someone who isn't business-oriented, it...

Emilly Parris answered a question

What are some alternative email marketing solutions to MailChimp?

Aweber and Convert Kit are great for the price, I know of a few people who use those as the main alternatives to MailChimp. I also remember someone mentioning that Campaign Monitor is one to avoid because it's expensive and isn't any better...