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Thinkedu Pty Ltd

Information and communication technology

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With our history in R&D in the debt collection, Banking and Finance, Government and OSINT space. is able to provide our clients the benefit of our research and development over the years in the form of training and consultancy.

Thinkedu currently offers the following courses:
Frontline Collections
Advanced Skip Tracing
Debt Collection Guidelines
General Insurance Code of Conduct
Australian Consumer Law
Australian Privacy Law
Ethical Social Engineering
Advanced Sales Techniques also conducts research in a number of industries. Our most recent research was conducted in the payday lending and consumer rentals space, from the application process through to collections. The result of this research has assisted a number of clients in the industry around the globe.

We are currently conducting research in B2B sector, this research is scheduled to be completed in 2019.


What we offer

Skip Tracing

Skip Tracing provides cost effective skip tracing solutions to clients of all sizes. Our clients range from private investigators to lenders and collection companies. We use the most advanced technology and exclusive data sets.  

From $1,200

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Business Growth & Limits: Getting the Most Out of Your Business ?>

Business Growth & Limits: Getting the Most Out of Your Business

One of the most common issues clients come to me with relate to limits. I posted a comment here... read more

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How to manage slow payment times from big businesses?

Invoice factoring could be a solution for you if clients are wanting longer payment terms. As a rule, I decline clients that want long payment terms. Even large clients are fine with 30 day invoices. But it really comes down to your undustry. As a...

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Why do people choose offshore BPO outsourcing services from US and India?

The Philippines is a much better place for support services in my view. In fact, an indian call centre employed by Telstra at one point outsource some of their work to the Philippines at one stage. There are a number of reasons companies...

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How do you test your business idea to know it's good?

You have it right. Google.Don't just type in Google your idea in your words, try other variations. Similar ideas or products and see how they track. Reality is, Google has made life a lot easier when it comes to researching ideas. So it is...

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Spend more time on your business. You made enough money in the first week of sales to get by. So why would you continue to work full time. Your marketing leading up to the launch worked. That tells me you have what it takes to get consumers to...

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Do you need a business plan in writing?

easy answer, Yes. A business plan isn't there to sell your ideal to an investor. It is there to ensure you are on the right track. A business plan will help you work out what your pros and cons are. What issues could appear, how to solve them....

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1. Build your website and ensure you have the keywords you are after throughout the site. 2. Pay for Google adsense. Set a budget and the keywords. 3. Setup Google Analytics for the website so you can track views, locations and start collecting the...

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How will Amazon impact my small retail business in Australia?

answer is simple. Amazon has already impacted the Australian retail market. So your answer has already arrived.

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I would say don't hire a mentor, hire a consultant. Banks and other large companies hire consultants all the time to introduce you processes and technology into their business.Talk to sales reps. If you want to improve different areas of your...

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webhosting is cheap. as Meng said, depends on the number of visitors you believe you will have. Most webhosting packages will give you unlimited email addresses, disk space and pretty much everything unlimited. You need to read the fine print though...

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