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Top Left Designs has delivered professional solutions for web strategy, web design, website development, search engine marketing and infrastructure solutions across multiple sectors to Gold Coast and Brisbane businesses for over 6 years as well as to clients in other locations throughout Australia.

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What Is Responsive Website Design – Simply Explained

What Is Responsive Website Design – Simply Explained

There is no doubt that responsive design websites has been firmly established as the best way to... read more

Wordpress popularity doesn't assure you of a strong CMS platform

Wordpress popularity doesn't assure you of a strong CMS platform

Irrespective of whether you are a small or large business owner using Wordpress as your web CMS... read more


Greg Tomkins answered a question

Do I need a registered business name to start a home business?

If this is a full time business or even permanent part-time then yes you should register a business name but think one step ahead. Bear in mind what yu are wanting to ultimately build and if it is to create a company then carefully consider what...

Greg Tomkins answered a question

How do you promote a restaurant located away from the main road?

Hi Wilson - the first thing you have to understand is that sticking photos and comments on social media yourself will not get you far as you need people to follow, like and share what you post. Secondly, take a close look at who your market is and...

Greg Tomkins answered a question

What are the first steps to starting an online store?

This is not a simple question Yee as there are so many aspects to be addressed and the answers will also depend on what sort of products you are selling, the size of your product range, your target market to name just a few. All that aside...

Greg Tomkins answered a question

How many Brisbane based businesses are there on SavvySME?

Hi John... my Brisbane / Gold Coast business is Top Left Designs and we provide online marketing solutions to SME businesses developing everything digital from Strategy to Implementation of web sites, email marketing, social media and SEO. We build...

Greg Tomkins answered a question

How does one transition to an online store?

I don't think that paying $10K for the website is necessarily the problem as this is a fair rate subject to what was done and without seeing the site or knowing what that Web agency did for that I would not be able to make any judgment. Putting an...

Greg Tomkins answered a question

Who knows how much do copywriters charge to write a web page?

This is a bit like asking how much does a web site cost and being told from $500 to $4500... not that we can honestly do a website for $500... When I answer the above I qualify what can be expected for $500 and what you most likey will get for...

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Greg Tomkins

Greg Tomkins Director | Web Architect Top 10% Web Design


Ooze Studios

Your success is our measure of victory. We get up in the morning to find ways to help our clients grow. We combine the best methods in business innovation, dev, design and marketing to create an unstoppable force for your brand. We create objective-focused strategies that are ROI-driven to...

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