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Trade Credit Risk Pyt Ltd

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Trade Credit Risk Management & Bad Debt Insurance Services Ensures Minimizing the Potential of Having a Bad Debt in Your Business. We Provide an External Credit Limit Opinion Service Including Monitor Your Existing Debtors for Adverse Information and Changes in Their Credit Worthiness. Call - 03 9842 0986 NOW! Or Visit us at –


Business Credit & Debtors Insurance Services


Business Credit & Debtors Insurance Services  

Debtors Insurance protects your accounts receivable ledger in the following events occurring;
Insolvency; which also includes Bankruptcy, Deed of company Arrangement, Administrations, Receiver Manager and Liquidations.
Protracted Default or Non Payment; occurs when a debtor cannot be located, has skipped, a judgment has been obtained or non payment. All methods for collecting the outstanding debt must be exhausted and a waiting period applies depending on the Insurer.  


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