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We are Australia's only agile branding agency. We're a specialist branding agency working with fast growth, disruptor and start-up companies to position them for success. Our agile process provides a level of flexibility, testing and industry input to brand strategy and identity design that is completely unique and highly valued by our clients. We work across every category from Corporate to Retail, Property to FMCG, Government to Not-for-profit, bringing cross sector insights and know-how to find new answers to age-old business challenges.


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Packaging Design
Packaging Consultants

Packaging Design  

The right design for a product's packaging is the last step in successful branding. The right packaging design is what lifts your product off the shelf and into a customers home. Our packaging design work has seen client sales increase of up to 1500% in six months.  

From $8,000

Brand Identity Design

Brand Identity Design  

Developing brand identity systems that effectively position businesses and their products in the right way to the right audiences. An effective brand identity can be the difference between business failure and business growth.  

From $10,000

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Why should a customer hire your business over other service professionals?

As with every other partner in business, it pays to engage a specialist. Specialist brand agencies will always have a partner level, dedicated and experienced brand strategist and an approach that integrates brand thinking throughout the creative process.

Which geographical areas does your business service?

We work with clients throughout Australia, both capital city and regional. We also work with partners to build brands for clients throughout Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

What is the profile of your ideal customer? e.g. industry, size of business, revenue, number of employees and so on.

We typically work with clients who have a challenger mindset. They can be industry disruptors, tier two businesses looking to lead their category, start-ups or entrepreneurs with a game changing vision. No matter what size, they all see brand is a critical business tool to achieving success.

What makes your pricing competitive?

Value is about return on investment, not price. If a $5,000 rebrand makes no impact on your business, but a $40,000 rebrand increases leads and conversion and allows you to add a premium to your pricing, what seemed like a more expensive price initially turns out to deliver significantly more value.

How do you normally charge for your services?

Every branding project is unique just as every client's needs are unique. We spend a couple of hours working through the business challenges and the right approach with each client before developing an approach and costing proposal. We then refine the proposal to match client budgets.

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Popular Q&A

David Ansett answered a question

How can I promote my health-care clinic when AHPRA's advertising guidelines are very restrictive?

Hi Petra, I suggest you email our strategy partner Michael Hughes at Michael has worked extensively with AHPRA and will have the best scope of knowledge to help advise you with this. Regards, Dave.

David Ansett answered a question

What’s the cost of graphic design services to create a logo and other visual branding for a new business?

If I can add to Justine's answer above; the cost to create a logo may be as low as $79-$100, but the cost to create a brand is more likely to be in the $20,000 - $60,000 range.As with every business investment it's critical to have a clear...

David Ansett answered a question

Is a registered trademark transferable?

Hi Phil, a trademark is a legal ownership of the brand mark which represents the brand, the goodwill associated with the brand and the future potential earnings of any products and services associated with the brand. Having a registered trademark is...

David Ansett answered a question

Is trademark registration necessary if the logo has been in used for many years?

Hi Phil, again I would agree with Jacqui. Demonstrated use is usually a strong foundation for protection from someone presenting their brand in a manner similar to yours in a way that might confuse the market. However, having worked with clients in...

David Ansett answered a question

How do I apply for a trademark?

Hi Phil, in our experience the above answer is a clear and neutral guide. We work with many clients applying for trademarks and always recommend hiring an expert at the start of the branding process. The investment is always worth while.

David Ansett answered a question

What is the best way to conduct market research for a new professional services venture?

Hi Anonymous,Market research is one of those tasks with few short cuts. My experience leans heavily towards most people when asked a research responsding by how they think they would respond, but not necessarily accurately to how they would actually...

David Ansett answered a question

What are smart and low-cost PR strategies for a startup?

A great answer from Beau. The only thing I'd add is many of our clients are looking for PR coverage without having anything remarkable to say. The first order of importance is to have something truly interesting for your audience to engage with.

David Ansett answered a question

What are the best shopfitting tips for a store front window?

Hi, the best shop window designs come from understanding your brand. Who is your core customer, what is your value proposition to them and how is that different from your competitors. Once you have clarity on that you can begin brainstorming the...

David Ansett answered a question

What can a Google AdWords consultant do for my small business?

HI, We've had mixed results with the Google Consultants. My take on it is they earn their income from encouraging you to increase your Adwords spend - which is not the ideal motivation from a client perspective. However, most small businesses...

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