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UFC Gym Sydney

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UFC Gym is for everyone who wants a first class place to train themselves in different range of mixed martial arts and all fitness workouts like Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Daily Ultimate Cross Training, Gymnastics, 360 Warrior, Pound Rockout workouts and family classes under one roof. Its a great place for everyone to enjoy workout and learn new skills. The environment of the gym is very enthusiastic and friendly. Equal attention is given by trainers to every individual.


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Joey Shatari

In terms of pricing, facilities, staff and accessibility this is by far the best gym I have been to. Real stand out staff have been Claudia Ines (reception) and David Corey (sales). Always greeted with a lovely smile and hello from Claudia and always looking to help with any questions or problems. Dave has been an absolute pleasure to deal with. Always gets the job done and is easy to deal with, if it wasn’t for him I would be going elsewhere. Would highly recommend coming here and if you ask for Dave he should sort you out. Cheers

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vinh le

Great Gym. i have been to many places but this is my favourite. i just had a bad experience with the marketing team as they were too pushy. The location is not 5 star to me either however if i have no issues getting there i wouldn't leave the Gym. Great place for either body building, fat burn, cardio with those bootcamp classes.

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Andrew James Stout

Absolutely terriable experience, the worst customer service EVER!! I paid for a year in advance, over $700 Everytime I came to the gym I was told I wasn’t allowed entry as I had money outstanding??? I then would ask for the manager and they would say oh no your right to come in yourve paid upfront must be a problem with our system?? This happened every single time for weeks until I was actually banned by one staff member and completely refused entry as the manager or other staff where not working at the time. After numerous contact, emails and phone calls by me. To rectify the problem it STILL took over 6 months!!! To only be someone what resolved! I asked for my money back a full refund which they agreed and still took me over 3 months before they said it had been paid, I hadn’t received my refund and they told me it must be an accounting error and have entered the incorrect bank details. Still to this day I have not received any compensation for the time and energy spent on this not even a formal apology. As a massive fan of MMA and the actual UFC this organisation should be totally ashamed to use their branding. I would highly advise that noone attended this gym as all levels of management and staff have proven to be seriously incompetent! If anyone does the still wish to join - DO NOT PAY UPFRONT and do expect a pleasant expirience or any assistance from any staff. Sales members are seriously pushy and door girls are highly uneducated in MMA for example I was starting a BJJ class - obviously as a beginner (white belt) which I purchased over the counter they didn’t have the correct size white belt for me and the girl offered to sell me a black belt and I quote “I have a black one in your size, is that ok?” I asked if she was joking, to her response “Do the colours mean something like in kung foo?”

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Tried a trial class, facilities and trainer were both very high quality! but be prepared to be marketed to, i already decided not to join as i did not realize just how far away it is from my then location but i sat through 30-40 minutes of marketing pitches and they just wouldn't take no for an answer, i had to excuse myself as politely as i could

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Miraj Bhattarai

This Gym is great while you can go there. As soon as I told them I want to exit from my MONTH TO MONTH plan, they told me that I would have to submit a printed form, and that they have NO PRINTER TO PRINT IT FOR ME. This is outrageous, they have a printer in their staff rooms but their policy is to not even print a single sheet of paper. I am currently investigating what legal options I have because these people are horrendous and are breaching Fair Trading Laws. So far I have paid in excess of $200 for the gym membership. I wanted to quit because Fitness First offers everything they do. Their classes are exactly the same as those at any other gym. There is no 1-1 interaction or any care in regards to your progress. I attended maybe 5-10 classes all up. However, never did an instructor even care to tell me my form was wrong. I had to hear it from other people laughing at me when I was training by myself. They charge way too much for classes that you can get in other gyms for free. If you are looking at this gym for all the help in self defense this is a terrible idea please go to a specialised school as the PTs here really don’t care. I was gymming here for about 2 months. I had no time or printer to print the cancellation form. I am astounded that they try to apply a clause that should apply to term contracts when I signed up to a month-to-month plan with no cancellation fees. I guess it makes sense given that this is a transnational company. You should know that they are not flexible, they do not care about your situation, they won’t spare $0.04 in processing costs for a good customer experience. The gym itself is good, it has great music playing through good speakers however I did have a few issues in terms of the number of machines. It looks like they have it sorted out because of all the treadmills (which fitness company doesn’t have 1000000 treadmills?) however, when you get to isolation machines there is literally 1 machine per muscle group, and you need to use free standing weights for some very basic things. They don’t have a machine for your traps (pretty basic)... Great marketing and hype, but sadly the service is piss poor. This is not the level of service I expect in a country like Australia. I don’t know, maybe they are using American business practices. I don’t know. I have not come across such an unhelpful company (with staff that outright LIE to you about the presence of a printer). The salesman tried to look really cool by giving me sweaty, smelly boxing gloves for my first day as loan. When I went to return them, I saw the damn corporate printer. The lady told me that they ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PRINT IT FOR ME. That the process is I must print it and bring it to them, again for cancelling something month-to-month, after I have already emailed and spoke in person. Their only alternative for me was that I could setup a meeting between 12 PM and 4:30 PM between Monday to Friday. Translation: Take time off work to cancel, or don’t. There is another gym on the other side of the corporate park for one FOURTH of its price if you just need the equipment. Highly recommended that you get a professional lesson or go to the gym on the other side of the corporate park which, again, is at ONE FOURTH OF THE PRICE. Disclaimer: I have only had associations with UFC GYM as a customer. My co-workers have used the other gym at the corporate park. If there is question of my integrity in regards to this, please contact me and under confidence I can disclose all information to you to prove the integrity of this situation. Yes, my membership is probably still valid. I’m not sure. I changed my bank accounts meanwhile :-) For a gym junkie that doesn’t like using headphones / having a phone during workout, I guess they’re okay if you don’t mind the price.



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