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Velpic is a single and elegant learning management system used to create, distribute and monitor video based training for any business. For more information, call us today on 08 6160 4455 or visit our website.


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Velpic is a fantastic online platform that provides simple creation of video-based lessons for our staff. We have automated manual processes throughout the business by building an online library of inductions, lessons and tutorials for staff to access from their computers or phones. No longer do require multiple pieces of software to bring our content together, all we do now is upload content into their platform using a browser and then build our inductions and training lessons.

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cristopher keane

The Velpic LMS platform makes training and upskilling new or existing staff more streamlined than ever. Its easy to upload content to the platform from your existing content library or to create new content if required. It doesn't take long to get familiar with the platform and some of the features like the ability for staff to do courses on their mobile phone allows greater flexibility and makes for a more independent and happier workforce. This can all be tracked and logged on the platform so you can see exactly who has done what training which is great. I was dubious changing our methods of training and thought I might regret it but it was unwarranted. I cannot find fault with it thus far after 6 months and any queries I had were quickly address by the company.

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Kieran Mitchell

Hume Anglican Grammar has recently adopted the Velpic platform to primarily improve the School’s staff training and professional development (“PD”) offerings however we are am already seeing a multitude of other ways we could utilise the platform. The Velpic platform will allow us to streamline the on-boarding process for new teachers and staff while also allowing parent volunteers and contractors to complete inductions before arriving on site. The platform should allow the professional development opportunities for staff to increase significantly. Where staff still need to attend offsite PD as the content isn't yet available online Velpic will allow them to share with others what they have learnt in a more effective manner. OH&S training will now be streamlined, tracked and recorded electronically and we can say goodbye to the manual training records! I’m excited as to the potential that the platform may also hold for the School to assist in educating its customers (parents) and the time savings this could bring for staff to add further value to the School. At an annual cost a little over the cost of a handful of offsite PD courses the platform should allow the School to save significantly on its annual training costs.

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Gabriela Pasqualon

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Kristina Popat



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