Vic Covert InvestigationsAlexander Township, VIC 3181

Vic Covert Investigations

Government services

Po Box 1203, Alexander Township, VIC 3181

ABN 38 409 746 509
EST 10


Vic Covert Investigations aim to exceed our clients’ expectations by delivering quality Surveillance and Investigation Services on time and at a competitive cost. The team at our house will handle your case with the highest regard with an understanding, empathetic & culture sensitive approach to all domestic & corporate matters. We listen to our client’ needs and operate with the highest level of discretion and integrity in everything we do.

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Jesse S

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With our history in R&D in the debt collection, Banking and Finance, Government and OSINT space. is able to provide our clients the benefit of our research and development over the years in the form of training and consultancy. Thinkedu currently offers the following...

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Po Box 1203

Alexander Township

VIC 3181

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