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If you are looking for a new garage door then VICTORIAN ROLLER DOORS in Melbourne will be the right and best place for you. We have a great collection of garage doors. We install all sorts of garage doors for your home and will give you a perception that the garage door you selected for your property will be the right choice. We help you to measure the differences between us and your previous garage doors suppliers. For more Information- Visit our site:

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Best professionals ever in the world. I was sick of ringing people and no one was able to solve the issues. These people straight away picked the problem and it’s been nearly a month didn’t had any trouble with my garage door. It’s been so quiet hard to believe. On top of that didn’t cost an arm and a leg comparative to another people who want $xxx just for a call out. Really respect your professionalism guys and feel proud to recommend you everywhere.

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After calling a good dozen garage roller door businesses local to us and getting nowhere with the installation of our garage door, the guys at Victorian Roller Doors were lifesavers! They were reliable, prompt and very helpful. They came out to do the quote promptly and gave us some very helpful advise to get the door opening up to scratch after we were left with a house to build from lock up when our builder didn’t deliver! Dealing with these guys was effortless and we are very happy with the product. Installation was also a breeze! We would highly recommend these to anyone who is in need of a garage door. Thank you so much guys 😊 Keep up the great service you provide Eve & Paul

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Thanks to Steve and the team who installed a roller door on my garage. Highly recommended. Very helpful,Cheap and quick installation Can’t ask for anymore than that Well done guys

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Replaced old garage door with new one in Mernda, explained me in details all the process before and after, very professional, highly recommended, we will definitely use the company in future - Thank You

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I highly recommend Vic Roller Doors. Great service, professional installers and good price.

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