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As trained broadcast journalist (Sky News Business), I offer copywriting services, from website and blog content to whitepapers, press releases, thought leadership articles and eBooks. I also create simple, compelling, highly cost-effective video productions.

My aim is to make video accessible for SMEs who can't afford to spend thousands of dollars on a single production. One benefit I offer is that with my background as a TV reporter and business journalist, I’m able to act as director and producer for no additional fee. I use professional equipment and am very experienced in putting interviewees at their ease. I can also offer media training.

Current Offers

Video Production


From storyboarding and production to filming, I offer a cost-effective end-to-end videography services for businesses and other organisations.

With my background as a TV reporter and business journalist, I understand how to help you create and position your business's message.  

From $550

Content Marketing


If you'd like compelling, unique and eye-catching content to grab people's attention, I offer professional copywriting and editing services. From fixing up your existing website text to blogs, eBooks, infographics and Slideshares, I specialise in a wide range of business and consumer content.  

From $100


What makes your pricing competitive?

With my background as a TV reporter and business journalist, I’m able to act as director and producer for video projects for no additional fee, and can also carry out the interviews myself. This greatly cuts down on cost.

Do you offer after-hours services?

If you have an event in the evening or on a weekend and require filming, I can usually arrange to be available. I can also take on emergency overnight writing and editing projects, for example if you have a last minute job with a deadline of 9am the next morning.

Why should a customer hire your business over other service professionals?

My aim is to make video affordable for small businesses. If I don't think your project is going to generate value for you, I will advise you of this, and work with you to adjust it. I can also work fast, due to my background in broadcast news. If needed, I can film, edit and turn around a video on the same day, which very few production companies offer. As a journalist, I don't need supervision with editing: you can rest assured I'm a "safe pair of hands": I will present your people and your company in the best light, avoiding any legal issues, and ensure that your key messaging comes across loud and clear in any video or written project.

Which geographical areas does your business service?

I can work Australia-wide, but charge travel and accommodation for projects outside Sydney where flights/an overnight stay is necessary. My filming rates are based on a Sydney metro location. Beyond this area incurs a surcharge to take into account travel time.

Do you offer bulk bill options?

For copywriting and business writing, I'm usually available to offer special rates for regular or large amounts of work.

Are there any special offers available to customers on SavvySME?

I offer a 10% discount to customers on SavvySME.

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Should I choose a video agency or an independant videoographer?

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What are smart and low-cost PR strategies for a startup?

Firstly figure out what your goal is. Do you need to build your brand/credentials to attract investors? Are you trying to get more actual customers? Do you want more hits on your website?Secondly, research some relevant publications for your...

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What makes a good product video?

30 seconds to one minute can be a good length, it depends on where you're placing it. Generally if you're commissioning video it's a good idea to get several different lengths cut (this is relatively easy for an editor to do,...

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What is PR?

PR is an important communication and promotional channel, that encompasses a wide range of activities and interactions with media, consumers, partners and other stakeholders.Compared to general marketing and advertising it can be particularly...

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What equipment is needed to setup an online class?

I have been using Zoom to run an online writing group, and find it a very solid platform. I do recommend getting a paid account so you can go longer than 40 minutes (also dial-in isn't always working for free accounts due to the current high...

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How is the COVID-19 crisis affecting your business?

Most of my digital activities are continuing, but the ones that require a physical presence, such as videography and TV media training, are on hold for now.I've taken out a Zoom subscription so I can more easily hold video meetings with people....

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Does anyone know which are the best guest posting sites in Australia?

Others have already made great suggestions. As part of my work I edit a site called BreakTheFuture ( which accepts articles with a futurism-angle: trends, predictions, cutting-edge technologies. Feel free to get in...

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How much do website copywriters charge?

As others have mentioned, it depends what your goal for the page is and who the target market are. If you're selling B2B services to high level professionals, then you are going to need a much higher standard of English. My recommendation...

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Are digital newsletters dead in email marketing?

Newsletters can be a useful reminder or "nudge" to a current or former client, and valuable if you're providing interesting, engaging, relevant and well-curated content.The key is to not send them too often. Anything more than once a...

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For my personal website content should I write in 1st person or 3rd person?

First person 100%.But try to avoid "I" as much as possible. The more you can generalise and universalise your experience, the more it brings readers in and the more powerful it becomes. For example:"I've never liked standing in a bank...

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Is content syndication good idea, if it is then how to find best fit?

The era of personal blogs as a destination is pretty much over (unless you're super famous): you can't just leave it up on a site and hope to get clicks or even subscribers. You have several options for distribution, one of which is simply sharing...

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What's your opinion of sites like Wix, Square Space and BigCommerce?

I have used to set up a couple of sites. I find its interface very slow, and the blogging aspect of it (currently anyway) not easy or responsive, nor particularly intuitive. I don't have experience with a commercial/etail site on there, so...

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How do you promote a restaurant located away from the main road?

Just thinking as a customer, three routes tend to get me to try out a new restaurant:1. Hearing about it word of mouth or in a review, and being able to check its menu online2. Driving or walking past and seeing a board with interesting specials or...

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How important is grammar and syntax in social media?

It is incredibly important.  Writing well is a reflection of your intelligence and professionalism.  Social media is also public media. If you want to use colloquial "text speak" among your close friends and family by all means do so, but make sure...

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Do you use video in your online marketing?

Video is powerful but it can be expensive, so you need a clear reason and strategy for it. Also, no video should be untranscribed. It costs just a few dollars for an (outsourced) transcription and you should always get one done, whether the video...

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