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Popular Q&A

Justin Dry answered a question

How do you attract the best people and maintain energy and creativity among your employees

The employee journey at Vinomofo is a little different to many places, and a lot of thought has gone into it, and will continue to. We’ve disconnected salary and performance from how our team behave as humans: salary is market-based and reviewed...

Justin Dry answered a question

How do you get your team to generate and share ideas?

First we actively encourage them to think about it and share with the team. Even if it’s not related to Vinomofo. We call this Mofo Projects and it has led to some really cool ideas and even the creation of a few startups! In regards to the...

Justin Dry answered a question

How do you know when it's time to let an idea die, rather than pursuing it?

That is a great question but an incredibly hard one to answer because it depends on so many different factors. However I do believe there is a time for ideas. Think about it like you’re a surfer catching a wave… You go out too early and it...

Justin Dry answered a question

How did you build the necessary connections in the wine industry to allow for Vinomofo's success?

Vinomofo wasn’t the first business we had in the tech wine space so it actually happened in the years leading up to the launch.Qwoff was the first one in 2007 and was actually a really cool idea but to be honest had a shit business model. It was...

Justin Dry answered a question

How did you score such an amazing co-founder?

Haha get off the site Andre. I obviously found one with plenty of time on his hands... And get back to work Chris :)

Justin Dry answered a question

What 20% factor can you attribute Vinomofo's success to in terms of the 80/20 rule?

I actually live by this rule as often as possible and it has served me well. As far as Vinomofo goes I would say our most valuable time has been spent on delivering the best possible product. Make it so good that your customers do the...

Justin Dry answered a question

What is your favourite breakfast?

It’s actually my favourite meal of the day! I LOVE free range poached eggs on sourdough with smashed avocado feta. Oh and coffee, very good coffee.

Justin Dry answered a question

How important was cash flow to Vinomofo?

Incredibly. We started Vinomofo with $100k in the bank so we didn’t have much wiggle room. It was so important to us that we would actually update it daily. This way we knew exactly where we were going to be (based on projections) at any time over...

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