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Explore Western Australia by 4WD Go your own way. Experience the freedom. Rent a well maintained Troopy and we'll help you plan your trip. We are not just another car rental service. We go the extra mile and help you on your way to an unforgettable journey. The best way to discover Australia’s remote areas is with a 4WD campervan, fitted with all modern conveniences. Our fleet consist of several Toyota LandCruiser 70 Troop Carriers or “Troopies”.

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In march 2017 we (my boyfriend and me) made the decision: we want to go to Australia for 3 months for a big roadtrip! At first we went to a travelagency, but they could’nt offer us a good travel plan, it looked all quite boring. Then we searched for a long time on the internet, doubting between a normal campervan and a troopy. We sended a lot of requests for offers to a lot of companies. With the bigger companies the equipment did’nt seem so good, we were already thinking how to get all our bedding and pots and pans to Oz. But when we got a little bit desperate, Iwan sended us an email (in Dutch!) with some details and what WA Experts could offer. Then he called to give some more info about the cars and the possible routes we could take. A couple of days later we had a real plan! This was in september 2017. In june 2018 we landed in Perth and Iwan picked us up at the hotel. The adventure finally started! After a very extensive explaination from Fiona about the car and everything inside we went on the road. For 3 months we had the time of our life, with no plan in mind, we cruised through WA and the NT. What a big, vast country, going offroad was the biggest highlight, seeing nobody for a few days! Camp everywhere, make a fire, cook on the fire, sleep in the tent, see the beautiful starry sky, sunset, sunrise, emu’s, kangaroos, wildflowers and national parks… Freedom with a capital letter. With the equipment on the troopy you really have the possibility to go where you want. You have enough water, fuel, and you can carry food with you for more than a week. Because we come from a country with only asphalt, we sometimes had some questions about the tires or routes. when we called we were immediately addressed and we received good advice. it was nice to have a backup when needed. It is nice that WA experts gives you few restrictions on routes, in consultation a lot is possible. In principle you can really go where you want, if you think carefully every time and look at the risks. On the way many people gave compliments about the car. Some people also wanted to shake hands with us because of the 'troopy love'. It was nice to have such a good car for the period. Australia is a country with amazing animals, national parks and people, but the real highlight was that you could drive in the car every day. I think the best thing is that the expectation we had from WA experts during a year exactly matched the real experience we had. That means that they really deliver what they offer! You do not often see that. We are now home for a couple of days, but we are already thinking about the next trip! Fiona and Iwan, thank you very much for everything. The troopy was the highlight of a long-cherished dream trip. Tot ziens, oant sjen, see ya! Jelle and Hiltje

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We had an unforgettable experience with the ‘family troopy’ in which we traveled WA for two months. It has two high-quality rooftop tents that are easy and fast to set up/break down. Our boys of 2 & 5 loved it. I can only confirm what others already wrote: The car was well maintained, equipment was as complete as it gets, and service was excellent, quick and personal. So, in a nutshell, with WA Experts you’ll have no worries in the outback.

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We would like to thank Iwan from WA Experts for the excellent service and the Troopy in great condition we rented from him. Even with almost 30 years of travelling experience, we had one of our best trips ever driving through West-Australia's Outback with the Troopy. Iwan's assistance and many tips were very helpful and the car with full equipement was a joy to drive. Yes we planed already a new trip with a Troopy of WA Experts for near future. Cheers, Robert & Ingrid from Traveljunks

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I had a blast wandering through Western Australia behind the wheel of my Troopy. Even if I wasn't used to drive 4WD, everything's went totally fine due to the trustworthiness of the car and the detailed briefing received before leaving. Such an amazing trip! WA is mind-blowing, but it can be pretty hostile in some ways. So, if you look for a full-equiped 4WD on which you can count to enjoy your trip, I'll definitly recommend one of these ones! Enjoy!

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Had the time of my life with this troopy from WA Experts. Rented cars before aready, but this experience was way beyond my expectations. The car had everything you can think of. And including all the materials almost a mini appartment. Owner Iwan makes sure there is a personal connection so if you have questions during the trip, you always can have contact if needed/wanted. Recommend it for sure!

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