Wannabees Family Play TownFrenchs Forest, NSW 2086

Wannabees Family Play Town

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Wannabees is a child size city where children can role play to their dream jobs in a city made up to their size just like in real life. It features police and fire stations, hospital, tv studio and radio station, as well as supermarket, restaurant, beauty salon, fashion shop and a big concert stage where kids can dance to the latest music. We also have an european themed Cafe/Restaurant for parents to enjoy. It is open every day from 9.30 an to 5.00 pm. Check www.wannabees.com.au for details.


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What a place!! I have a 3 and a 7 years old and they loved everything about this place! It's full of activities for the kids where they can explore and play while the parents can relax. My little one loved the dress up parade and the fire station activity. The older one had so much fun with the radio station activity! Thanks Wannabees, hope to come back soon 😊

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Casey Whitelaw

A nice different play space for kids - dress up and play out different roles. It's feeling a little tired at the moment. Some of the rooms were closed when we were there, it would be nice to see a bit of variation. Gets very noisy (understandable). They do a good job hosting parties, but it is very formulaic - everyone gets the same treatment. Definitely good to go once with a 3-6 year old.

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Helena Geyer

Visited here for a birthday party. Great range of experiences for the kids, staff were very engaged and willing to create happy memories. Party room was clean party food was simple but the kids loved it. Ice cream cake was delicious and had many of the adults asking for more 🎂

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Peter Ree

The play concept is good. The kids liked it a lot. But the food was way too fried. (Double and tripple) more crunch than food. My son got skin reaction from all the fried food. Not as healthy as advertised

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kynare le

Kids enjoy a roleplaying experience. Better suited to younger children. Parents can enjoy pricey food.



C1 1-3 Rodborough Rd

Frenchs Forest

NSW 2086

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