West Australian Steel SalesBassendean, WA 6054

West Australian Steel Sales

Manufacturing, machines and equipments

Bassendean, WA, 6054

ABN 34 140 717 157
EST 1980


West Australian Steel sales is a leading company offering steel fabrication, metal fabrication and sheet metal fabrication in Perth. Contact us today for a free quote or visit our website to see our full range of services.

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Google Reviews (4)

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Surprised these guys are still in business! Avoid!!! Just wanted some sheet metal cut and according to their website seemed like a no brainer. Wanted to make a cone and was going to DIY but decided to leave the cutting to the "professionals" Initial contact on 18/02/2016 sent them a spreadsheet with everything I wanted including detailed diagrams with measurements. Paid the required amount and received an email response later that day saying that job will be completed by 27/02/2016. No followup emails or calls from them till I contacted them on 27/02/2016. Person on the other end of the line was very short. When asked why order was not ready, gave the response "Sorry can't take anymore questions we only have two staff on hand" and was told order will be ready next week. Sent an email 29/02/2016 asking for update on order and when it will be available, no response. Sent another email 03/03/2016 asking for a response to my email sent on 29/02/2016 no response. Called them on 04/03/2016 was told order was too difficult to complete... Asked for a refund, refund was approved that day which is a plus (probably justifies the 1 star rating) Get your act together WA Steel or don't offer services you can't provide. It also shouldn't take you two weeks to realise you don't have the skills to complete a task that an amateur can complete in their backyard with a pair of tin snips. Response from the owner: We sent an email requesting proper CAD files for the complex flat pattern conical development, instead of the drawing on an excel spreadsheet that was provided. This email must have not been received. Upon Mr Duongs later phone call we requested the same usable file type, he replied he was unable to provide that and would like his money refunded. We refunded his deposit within 2 hours of receiving his bank details where he thanked us for the prompt refund. 22/03/2016: In response to WA Steels response Funny how they can reply to my emails when they know they've stuffed up badly but somehow CAD drawing emails were not received...The detailed drawings have been successfully used by many around the world (google Bill Pentz dust cyclone) by DIYers and professionals alike but was too difficult for WA Steel. CAD drawings was never requested until the day of asking for refund, and even if emails were not received a phone call would have resolved any angst. Better still it should have been raised before sending me a quote and accepting payment. CAD drawings could have been provided, if their incompetence was not so absurd. Taking my business elsewhere. Company full of excuses and empty promises!

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Good to deal with, Prompt payment, Pleasure to deal with.

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Second time we dealt with WA Steel and this company only gave us hassle. Slow turn around times on quoting and delivery. Formal complaint was made, and they just blamed their admin staff. Wont deal with this company again.

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