Yoti Australia Pty Ltd

Yoti Australia Pty Ltd

Business administration and support

696 Bourke Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000

ABN 49634795841
EST 2014


Yoti is an identity checking system that allows organisations to verify who people are, online and in person.

We are a team of 230 based in London, with offices in Mumbai and staff in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. We count over 5. 5 million installs of the Yoti app, following our launch in November 2017.

For consumers, it’s an app that helps them prove who they are and confirm the identities of others. We distinguish ourselves with our approach to privacy and security, so the system has been architected so that it's impossible for us to monetise users personal data (see our FAQs for technical detail). The app is in the app stores. The set-up involves a four-minute process, where you link your facial biometrics to your phone and validate against your driving license/passport. Identities are verified using NIST approved facial recognition technology, government issued identity documents and where possible, biometric passport chips.