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Your Accounting Partners


Darra, QLD 4076

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EST 2016


We’re not important, it’s all about YOU and we hear you loud and clear! Our clients want us to help them… • Grow their Business • Create a Profitable Business • Increase their Cash Flow • Position the Business so it’s readily Saleable • Become or remain Financially Independent • Create a Succession Plan and Protect their Assets and Income Streams • Meet their Governance and Compliance requirements • Enjoy their Time at Work …and have less Stress • Improve their Overall Lifestyle


Business Support Services include:


Business Support Services include:  

- Bookkeeping
- Tax and Compliance
- Audit and Advice
- Succession and Transition Planning
- Business Valuation and Sales
- Business Consulting  


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Top 6 Must-Do Tasks to Review Your Business Performance Before EOFY

Top 6 Must-Do Tasks to Review Your Business Performance Before EOFY

As the end of the financial year comes up, there are some tasks you must undertake. The first two:... read more


James Huy Vuong answered a question

What Is The Most Important Thing You Learned About Your Business?

Clarification on the type of clients we love to work with and what activities we really enjoyed. This was important to us because we wanted to build a business as they say in China that last 100 years..It's not just a job, its our way of life.

James Huy Vuong answered a question

Would you take on debt to keep employees or let them go to save?

Hi Jef,No HR experts but if you have the possibility to stay viable by means of staying lean I would definitely entertain especially if you have used up all your buffers/reserves and if the likelihood and possibility of a business getting back up to...

James Huy Vuong answered a question

Would you rather lose a client or lose a staff member?

Hi Gary,It really DEPENDS...I would keep my staff as initial/automatic response. It is always the starting side I sit, evaluation to be made when additional information comes to light on the situation.

James Huy Vuong answered a question

What Kind Of Value Can I Give To My Clients In An Email?

A,Great question. Glad to hear you have built a database and now thinking about providng value and building automation around all it all. I would suggest the first email is a quick survey to your database asking them exactly that - what is...

James Huy Vuong answered a question

At what point should I cut off slow paying account customers from additional credit purchases?

Anna,You will want to review your credit process - I find that by addressing such issues up front ie strategy will save you a lot of energy with all the tactical stuff later on. There is no hard and fast rule when it come to business, in the end we...

James Huy Vuong answered a question

Is it important for small business owners to understand their financial statement ?

Short answer - YES, YES, & YES!!! Can't agree more with all the responses.

James Huy Vuong answered a question

Can anyone help me with some advice as to how I can create a short video to help promote my products?

if you are using chrome - is simple enough if you are wanting to make your own.Huy.

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James Huy Vuong

James Huy Vuong Owner Top 30% Sales and Marketing


Astute Advisory Group

Here at Astute Advisory Group, we take pride in defining our success by the success of our clients. Having a clear sense of purpose, a well-maintained set of ideas and principles, as well as a deep value for people and their businesses, our company has quickly grown into a trusted organisation...


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