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Are you ready to fix that HR issue once and for all, but you’re not sure where to start? Find out how to get HR expert advice … RIGHT NOW! We often see businesses avoiding an HR issue because it’s just too hard to deal with, whereas the reality is that by ignoring the problem you are just soaking up otherwise productive time, or exposing yourself to costly legal action. It’s a high price to pay just because there isn’t the time to get the knowledge or skills to deal with it effectively.



Business Consulting


Possibly one of the more difficult tasks of HR and management is correctly transitioning employees out of your business. Whether you are Removing the poorly performing employee and need to be sure your discipline policies are effective or are simply farewelling the employee who has Resigned. Have you even prepared for a possible Retirement in your workplace? Or with a downturn in business, perhaps a Redundancy is the next unfortunate course of action.  



Training & Development


Are you at a loss on how to motivate, engage and improve employee performance?
You’re not alone: many businesses have employees who simply aren’t performing. This can be a very frustrating time for both you and your employee. If you don’t address the issues and deal with them correctly this can have a knock-on effect on your other staff.
Our expertly designed LEAD, TEAM, STAR and CRYSTAL CLEAR programs will help re-focus your team.  


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Our HR Advisory Service uses the 4 P’s for preventing disaster. This involves making sure you have all the right Paperwork, and that you are Protecting that information. Do you have usable Policies in place, or do they simply need reviewing? Getting your business or strategic Plan in place is the first step to growing your business in the right direction.  


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Our HR Advisory Service uses the 4 A’s to help you recruit and onboard the best employees for your team. This involves Attracting the right person by correctly describing the role, identifying the right target market, and then advertising the role in the right place to target that market, then following up with Assessing the applications and their referees. To assist with Acquainting them through the onboarding process we also assist you in Appointing the correct compliance in place.  


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