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Over 80% of businesses don’t know how to effectively market online,
luckily that is where Your Social Voice comes in. We are specialists in
lead generation, ensuring that you can take control of your business,
generate more engagement, leads and ultimately sales.

This allows you to remove the stress of where your next lead will
come from, and focus on what you do best, serving your
clients and building your business.


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How To Avoid Facebook Ads Being a Costly Affair ?>

How To Avoid Facebook Ads Being a Costly Affair

Let's understand what is CPM, CPC or the CPL in Facebook ads.  Learn the best type of Facebook ads... read more

Popular Q&A

Kim Barrett answered a question

What can I do with a $100 marketing budget?

Hi TimIf you have a business that would allow you to go any type of giveaway, I would do a competition facilitated through a messenger BOT on your facebook page with the $100 advertising spend. Give away something irresistable if you can - that is...

Kim Barrett answered a question

What's the best social media marketing strategy for a restaurant?

I actually just recorded two videos on this on the Your Social Voice YouTube channel if you want to go check it out. The limitations of traditional businesses and then how to market traditional...

Kim Barrett answered a question

How much does a Facebook advertising campaign costs?

Following on from the other answer by Brodey, there are so many variables to consider and no one answer to this question.The targets that you want to achieve would need to be assessed and objectives very clearly defined. There are a lot of...