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ZX 3D enables you to buy high quality 3D printers, 3D Scanners, 3D printing supplies, accessories and tools helpful for 3D printing in Australia. We are a supplier of such brands as Flashforge, Kewox, UP!, Inspire and many more. What makes us special? We are 3D printing enthusiasts ourselves and are committed to enabling as many Australian households as possible to share the 3D printing experience. We can also do your 3D printing for you. Contact us for order or enquiry.

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Google Reviews (5)

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Big fan of supporting brick and mortar stores but seriously $27.50 for 40 cm of ptfe tubing. Stars are only for staying open the extra few minutes past the 2pm closing time which I do appreciate but why the gouge????

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Very happy with the service received and hence the Printer received. All support provided in a timely and friendly manner, with my 3D printer delivered as expected to the discussed specifications. Would recommend these guys to anyone looking for a serious printer!

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Super unprofessional business, attempted to over charge me then when i questioned it, thanked me for my model as if they were going to use it in some way! avoid at all costs

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The Aussie Spirit is not dead!!!!!!! ZX 3D Printing Company has restored my faith that some Companies still have integrity, honesty and will go the extra mile to help a fellow Aussie. I’m a middle aged women with a dream to invent a piece of equipment to use in the industry of my chosen profession, I needed a good prototype, this has not been easy, and I am an Aussie battler with a very limited budget. Over the past 12 months in my quest to a to make my dream a reality I’ve come across the worst kind of people, companies only out to make a buck with no conscious, no integrity, who over charged me for a very substandard outcomes. I was nearly ready to give up my dream when a friend suggested 3D printing, this was something I knew very little about but after some research I discovered this may be the answer to my prayers. Then came the daunting task to find a company that I could trust not to rip me off, but at the same time help me take my sketches in a book and make them a reality. I live on the south side of Brisbane so I google searched Companies that were close to me. ZD Printing Company had what I was looking for not only a printing machine big enough to do what I needed, but a person who could take my drawings and apply them to a computer design program and make them a reality. I always read the Company reviews as I’m so jaded now from being ripped off so many times, here is where I nearly made a big mistake. I read the review posted by James F Roberts which unfortunately for the ZX Company is there first review. This gentleman, if you could call him that, wrote the worst review ever, so I nearly didn’t use this Company based on what he wrote. But given their location and the service they offered I gingerly decided to make an appointment and let my intuition take over from there, if I got a bad vibe I wouldn’t go ahead with them and seek an alternative. I met with Quinn one of the Owners of typical Aussie guy very down to earth and willing to listen patiently to what I had to say, after sitting down with me for an hour looking at my crude sketches, he said he thought they could help me. Quinn had no trouble signing a confidentiality agreement and I left my first meeting with him feeling relieved and optimistic that maybe this time I’d found the right Company. After a three month journey together with the help and patience of all the wonderful staff there I finally have the prototype I was hoping for. What can I say it has been a struggle Quinn, and the wonderfully patient Josh turned my dream to a reality and charged me very little for the amount of time and effort they put into my Prototype. James F. Roberts shame on you for your review, I believe in free speech but not at the expense of a great little Aussie Company like ZX Printing.

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Excellent service, I had a small pet project to complete and no 3D CAD skills to speak, of was able to provide drawn specifications and are staff handled my project from design through to print. Loved the finished product and by far the most compedetivley priced 3D printer out, there would recommend to anyone wanting to do small personal projects.

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