Integrating online and offline

There is no silver bullet in marketing. Marketers often refer to the ‘marketing mix’, which is the combination of techniques and methods which make up the whole marketing strategy. While many have Read more



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Integrating online and offline

There is no silver bullet in marketing. Marketers often refer to the ‘marketing mix’, which is the combination of techniques and methods which make up the whole marketing strategy. While many have tried to argue that internet marketing has completely replaced the need for offline marketing altogether, the truth is that a combination of online and offline marketing is necessary to maximise your marketing ROI.

Integrating Internet Marketing and Television

There was a time when television marketing was the gold standard for advertising exposure, but in recent years the number of people watching standard television has fallen dramatically. This has coincided with a rise in the number of people watching videos online. Studies have shown that more than 50% of all millennials consume their television shows through streaming apps and websites or by downloading them directly. Those people are generally not going to see advertisements served through regularly scheduled TV programming.

While this has reduced the effectiveness of TV advertising somewhat, it has not diminished it entirely. It has also offered new opportunities to reach audiences through techniques such as Youtube advertising, digital remarketing and adwords. These allow you to reach your audience while they look elsewhere for related content, and these options are often more targeted than traditional TV advertising. If you have determined that your target audience watches a particular show, you can integrate online marketing with your offline marketing by using television advertising and digital advertising on any related Youtube content.

Similarly, standard television advertising can be enhanced by integrating it with your online marketing, such as by offering special promotions that require the use of social media - such as using a certain hashtag on twitter, instagram or facebook after seeing the ad in order to receive a reward.

Internet Marketing and Radio

Despite the growth in online radio and digital media, traditional radio remains the best way to reach local audiences and people on their commute. Traditional radio is a cheaper form of advertising than television and is therefore a very cost effective way to reach your target audience. Digital and online radio are growing, and some cars can now tune in to online radio stations through their in-car radio system, but the vast majority of Australians still listen to standard radio programming at least once per week.

Relying on standard radio alone, however, will result in missing the growing audience who use online radio and internet radio apps. By utilising these platforms as well (which are typically even cheaper than standard radio), marketers can maximise their exposure and advertising returns. There is also the possibility to contact podcasts and other online content creators directly for highly targeted and cost effective online marketing. Integrating these with a radio campaign will achieve strong results at a low price.

Internet Marketing and Print Media

While some argue that newspapers are in decline, they remain an effective and economical option for many businesses. While small businesses may not be able to afford huge coverage in national or state papers, most can afford to advertise in their local newspapers, which offer a fantastic way to reach your community. Integrating this with social media or targeted online advertising ensures that you achieve strong local coverage and reach a wider audience without paying the huge costs usually associated with a broader campaign through traditional media.

In all cases, the growth of online and digital mediums has lead to a need for intelligent, integrated marketing campaigns to generate the maximum exposure at the lowest possible cost. Utilising social media, online entertainment, pay-per-click advertising and traditional media advertising together will yield the strongest results.